How much is Osrs GP?

The price of OSRS gold varies every day. It usually ranges anywhere between $0.50 to $0.60 per million OSRS gold.

Can you buy old school RuneScape gold?

Even Old School Runescape memberships can be bought through in-game gold by buying Runescape Bonds from other players. Getting Old School Runescape gold can be a long process. Luckily, OSRS coins are acquired in hundreds of ways and almost anyone can find the right grind for them.

Can I buy RuneScape gold?

Can you buy Runescape gold with PayPal? Yes, you can. It’s the easiest and our most popular payment method. Using Paypal you can pay for both Runescape gold types – OSRS, RS3 and RS07 gold.

How do I buy cash on Osrs?

How to buy Old School RuneScape gold?

  1. Enter amount of gold and your character name.
  2. Click Buy Now.
  3. Choose payment option and enter necessary information.
  4. Contact live chat to verify your purchase. Support representative will provide location and world for the trade.
  5. Log in to the game and make the trade.

Is buying RS gold Bannable?

According to the post, suspected buyers should receive warning emails over the next few hours with an ultimatum; no more buying RuneScape gold with real money from gold farmers or you’ll be banned. You are however free to buy RuneScape gold with real money if you go directly through Jagex.

Is Eldorado safe OSRS?

Get the best deal on OSRS Gold and so much more. [The following is a paid advertorial.] El Dorado may be a mythical city of gold, but Eldorado.GG is legit. They’ve overseen billions in video game gold transactions over the last decade.

Is RSorder legit?

Overview. RSorder has a consumer rating of 2.54 stars from 52 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. RSorder ranks 2nd among Runescape Gold sites.

Where is the best website for RuneScape gold?

You will see yourself, that if you are looking for the cheapest OSRS Gold with the safest and fastest delivery, is the best place.

Can you get scammed on Eldorado?

After testing, we wouldn’t consider it a trustworthy website. Even though the website operates completely legally and is associated with a legitimate business, it is not protected against scammers. is not a reliable gaming marketplace, and we wouldn’t recommend it.

How safe is G2G?

G2G imposed strict rules and policies for our sellers to adhere to. You shouldn’t be worried about making purchases from our sellers. The payment will be protected by GamerProtect system until a transaction is complete. You may also follow the general guide below while placing order.

Is 4rsgold legit?

Discussion on Do not buy or sell gold to ! within the Runescape forum part of the MMORPGs category. The site is a big scam.

Is 4rsgold legit Reddit?

Avoid, they are Scam artists!! Will ask you to take photos of your bank cards and paypal accounts. I refused and asked for a refund. They blocked me from their website chat and didn’t respond to any further contact attempts.

How do I transfer gold from RS3 to OSRS?

Swap RS3 Gold For OSRS Or Vice Versa Just select RS3 or OSRS and enter amount you want to swap in the drop down menu. The amount you will receive will be output on the right. Then simply click on “swap now” button below to open a chat with our agent. The trade will take place within 5 minutes in-game.