How much is the registration fee at Damelin College?

How much is the registration fee at Damelin College?

The referred student is required to pay the registration fee of R1100 as well as the full deposit, stipulated in the fee schedule for the Referee to qualify for the R1000 cashback deposit. 18.3. This promotion is only applicable to currently registered Full-Time students who are studying at Damelin in 2022. 18.4.

Is Damelin College Public or private?

private college
Damelin is a private college founded by Benjamin Damelin in 1943. Damelin has 17 campuses, and is owned by Educor (the Education Investment Corporation Limited) group.

What subjects does Damelin offer?


  • Digital Marketing.
  • Business Management and Strategy.
  • Design and Creative.
  • Career and Personal Development.
  • Cyber Security and Technology.
  • Data Science and Analytics.
  • Human Resources and Training.
  • Law and Social Sciences.

Is Damelin College funded by NSFAS?

Damelin operates as a private institution which means that students from this institution won’t be funded by NSFAS. Damelin College might have other bursary options for students who show financial need or academic excellence, but NSFAS is not part of that list.

Does Damelin have application fee?

There are no application fees.

How do I apply for Damelin?

Damelin College Online Application 2022 – 2023

  3. STEP 3: PAY THE REGISTRATION FEE. You will be prompted to pay the registration fee during the registration process. Follow the steps provided.

Is Damelin College registered?

Damelin is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training and its programmes are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). It has provisional accreditation from Umalusi.

Is Damelin internationally Recognised?

Damelin Online acquires an internationally recognised academic partner, Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), offering specialised certified digital marketing programmes. Damelin Online is one of the first service providers to partner with Digital Marketing Institute in Africa.

Does Damelin offer bachelor’s degree?

Enroll in a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management Degree | Damelin.

Does Damelin College have bursaries?

The Damelin has a limited number of bursaries; please consult with the Financial Aid/ Bursary office for further assistance. If a student has a bursary from outside, he/she must make sure that he/ she brings a copy of the letter to the Financial Aid/ Bursary office before registration.

Can I study with NSFAS at Damelin?

Damelin is a private institution which unfortunately means that Damelin students won’t be able to receive funding from NSFAS. Students who attend Damelin College may have other bursary options to fund their studies.

Are Damelin applications still open?

Applications are open until classes commence in the second week of February 2020. Please Note: Payment options are available. Online Application: To apply online, click the blue button below.

Is Damelin application still open?

Applications are open until classes commence in the second week of February 2020. Please Note: Payment options are available.

Which courses are still available at Damelin?


  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism.
  • Diploma in Business management.
  • Diploma in Photography.
  • Diploma in Marketing Management.
  • Diploma in Sound Technology.
  • Diploma in Media and Graphic Design.
  • Diploma in Media and Graphic design.
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management.

Is Damelin registered to Umalusi?

A. Welcome to Damelin Matric Online Please note that the programmes offered by Damelin Matric Online are full qualifications, i.e. senior certificates that are registered in regulation with the Department of Education and the governing body Umalusi as the certificate issuer.

Is Damelin internationally accredited?

Is Damelin College Recognised?

The NQF is a centralised registry of all recognised qualifications in South Africa. Because Damelin is a registered Higher Education Institution and able to offer these qualifications that are all post-school level and are on levels NQF Levels 5-10 of the National Qualifications Framework.

What are the requirements to study at Damelin?


  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with Diploma endorsement, or.
  • A National Certificate Vocational (NCV) at NQF Level 4 with Diploma endorsement, or.
  • Amended Senior Certificate (ASC), with Diploma endorsement, or.
  • A Senior Certificate (SC); or.

Is Damelin Recognised?