Is a 6mm bullet the same as a 243?

Is a 6mm bullet the same as a 243?

243 rounds have a lot more velocity than all the other rounds, not just the 6mm Creedmoor rounds. For muzzle velocities, the . 243 rounds have an average of 3,322 fps, two light weight bullets included, while the 6mm Creedmoor rounds have an average muzzle velocity of 3,073 fps.

Can you shoot 6mm ammo in a 243 rifle?

The bullets are the same, and if you were to reload, you’d use the same box of bullets for a 6mm as for a 243. The cartidge cases that hold the powder for each caliber are very different, however, and are NOT interchangable. Factory ammo from one will not work safely in the other.

How good is the 6mm BR?

The 6mm BR is one of the most accurate cartridges in existence, bettered only by the PPC type cases in group shooting, and the 30BR in score shooting. The 6BR is very versatile, capable of great accuracy with bullets ranging from 50 to 108 grains.

Is 6.5 and 243 the same?

243 Winchester fires smaller diameter bullets at a significantly higher velocity than the 6.5 Creedmoor. The . 243 has a flatter trajectory and much less recoil, but the 6.5 Creedmoor retains more kinetic energy and drifts less in the wind than the . 243 Winchester at typical hunting ranges.

What is a 6mm rifle used for?

24/6mm bullet. Known for a combination of high velocity, long range, flat trajectory, and accuracy, it is suitable as a dual use hunting cartridge for both medium-sized big game and varmints. When used in the less common earlier slow twist barrels, it offers exceptional range for varmint applications.

Is a 6mm Remington good for deer?

From a practical standpoint, the 6mm or . 243-caliber family of rifle cartridges is considered the bare minimum necessary to effectively kill whitetail deer. Fast, efficient and powerful, the various 6mm cartridges have been very popular among deer hunters for more than 50 years.

What caliber is 6mm BR?

.24 caliber
The . 24 caliber (6 mm) cartridge version became known as the 6mm Bench Rest or the 6mm BR due to its widespread use in the sport of bench rest shooting.

What is the 6 Dasher?

The 6 Dasher is one of those cartridges that packs a ton of power and performance in a tiny package, and we decided to make them based on requests from our friends in these disciplines” Peterson said. The 6 Dasher made by Peterson are offered in Small Rifle Primer (SRP) pocket size only.

What is the size difference between .243 and 6.5 Creedmoor?


6.5 CM .243 Win
Neck Diameter .2950″ 0.276″
Case Length 1.92″ 2.045″
Overall Length 2.825″ 2.7098″
Case Capacity 52.5gr 53-54.8gr

Is 6mm good for hunting?

What is a 6mm round used for?

Is 6mm BR the same as 6mm BR Norma?

The 6mm BR that is most commonly used today is also called 6mm Norma BR, “6BR Norma”, or just plain “6BR”. Norma started with the 6mm Remington Benchrest and increased the base dimension slightly. But the official SAMMI cartridge OAL is the same: 1.560″.

What is the 6mm ARC good for?

“The 6mm ARC has the potential be a very accurate cartridge. It is not limited to use in an AR-15 either, and would work well in a micro-action bolt gun.” “It uses the same design method as the 6.5 Creedmoor; this results in excellent and consistent accuracy from one gun to another and load to load.”