Is Instant Checkmate Anonymous?

Is Instant Checkmate Anonymous?

Instant Checkmate is a public records search, and background check service. Instant Checkmate and companies like it it are essentially public records repositories: with the help of other data brokers and technology, they are able to scrape personally identifying information on individuals living in the United States.

Does Instant Checkmate notify the person you’re searching?

Does Instant Checkmate notify the person you’re searching? No, Instant Checkmate does not notify any search subjects.

What information does Instant Checkmate provide?

Instant Checkmate ( is a subscription-based people search service that allows users to perform a search on any individual and receive a detailed report with contact information, location information, criminal records, and professional history.

How do I remove my information from instant checkmate?

How to Remove Yourself from Instant Checkmate

  1. Go to their opt-out website,, and search for your listing.
  2. Click “remove this record”.
  3. Type in your email (we recommend using a masked email) and perform the CAPTCHA.
  4. Wait for the verification email.

Can I trust Instant Checkmate?

Yes, Instant Checkmate is a genuine background check service. There are many people who want to know if it is a scam due to some negative reviews out there on the internet. However, Instant Checkmate is actually a real search engine for finding all the information on a person.

Can you trust Instant checkmate?

Is Instant checkmate legal?

Is Instant Checkmate legal? The service itself is legal but it is not a consumer reporting agency. This means you cannot use the information to make decisions about consumer credit, employees, insurance, tenant screening, or other purposes that would require FCRA compliance.

Is Instant Checkmate legal?

How do I remove my name from Searchpeoplefree?

Follow the steps below to remove your personal info from Searchpeoplefree.

  1. Go to
  2. In the footer, click “Do not sell my personal information.”
  3. Enter a valid email address, agree to the terms, and solve the reCAPTCHA.
  4. A validation email will be sent to the provided email address.

What is ICM Instant Checkmate?

ICM Instant Checkmate is a public records search service that provides a vast array of personal information such as email addresses, social media profiles, dates of birth, arrest records, phone numbers, and so on.

Which is better TruthFinder or Instant Checkmate?

The biggest differences between the two are their pricing, customer satisfaction, and mobile app. Truthfinder’s monthly cost, at $27.78*, is lower than Instant Checkmate’s, at $34.78*. Both services include the same availability of information but at different price points.

Which is better TruthFinder or Instant checkmate?

Does Instant Checkmate cost anything?

Instant Checkmate’s pricing ranges from $1.00 to $22.86 depending on the number of background checks you need to do.