Is Maokai a good top Laner?

Is Maokai a good top Laner?

Maokai Build 12.10 ranks as an B-Tier pick for the Top Lane role in Season 12. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 53.55% (Good), Pick Rate of 2.27% (High), and a Ban Rate of 0.33% (Low).

Why is Maokai top good?

More from Blog of Legends Periodically, Maokai’s next basic attack will heal him for a percentage of his maximum health, which completely negates any incoming damage during a top lane trade and allows the tree to safely throw out damage with his abilities and Immolate procs.

Do Maokai saplings stack?

Saplings cannot stack on top of each other (they will move a short distance away from one another if they are aimed at the same location).

Is Maokai a good tank?

Maokai is one of the best Tanks in the game. His easy to use kit and combined with his insane amount of crowd control, make him a favorite for both solo queue and competitive play. Although mostly played in the Top Lane, Maokai does just as well as a Support.

Is Maokai still good?

Although it’s been nerfed in League patch 11.2, overall decreasing its effectiveness because of the cooldown change, it’s still very strong on Maokai. Just having the bonus damage helps, and can ultimately make the difference between winning or losing a trade.

What ADC is best with Maokai?

Now let’s head over to the best ADC champions you can pair up with Maokai….

  • Tristana. First up is Tristana, a hyper-aggressive champion that loves to get into the heat of the battle.
  • Kalista.
  • Miss Fortune.
  • Caitlyn.
  • Jhin.

Who is Maokai good with?

Maokai is best with …

Name Winrate
Graves Jungler +6.8%
Jhin AD Carry +3.7%
Viego Jungler +3.5%
Kai’Sa AD Carry +3.0%

Does Maokai have a shield?

spell shield and it consumes an enemy ability, he will still receive the cooldown reduction. The empowered attack will not trigger against structures nor wards.

How long does Maokai ULT last?

(Active) Maokai smashes the ground and sends an arcane shockwave forward, damaging and slowing his enemies for 1.5 seconds. Enemies close to Maokai are knocked back briefly.

Is Maokai a girl?

Malphite, Maokai, Galio, and Nocturne are also not explicitly one gender or the other. We tend to refer to these characters as male, but they are not actually overtly masculine or feminine.