What age is a silver cross dolls pram for?

What age is a silver cross dolls pram for?

It is perfect for ages 4-8 years and features an adjustable handle height.

Do vintage Silver Cross prams fold?

A beautiful vintage classic for today’s parents. The luxurious Silver Cross Kensington Coachbuilt Pram is exclusively handcrafted in Yorkshire, England, with a unique detachable body and fold-down chassis….Additional information.

Brand Silver Cross
Chassis Colour Chrome
Chassis Type Traditional

Where are Silver Cross strollers made?

Keighley, Yorkshire
At a nondescript factory in Keighley, Yorkshire, Silver Cross still manufacture 650 Balmoral prams every year.

Are Silver Cross prams made in the UK?

Silver Cross currently manufactures two models of full-size coach-built pram in the UK, the Balmoral and the Kensington, as well as two models of dolls pram, the Oberon and the Chatsworth. Silver Cross is the only pram manufacturer still producing coach-built prams in the UK.

How do you put wheels on a silver cross dolls pram?

To attach the wheel simply pull out the metal tab “C” and slide the wheel onto the axle “B”. 1.3 Lift the metal wheel until the tab “C” clicks into place. The wheel should be held firmly in position.

When was the first Silver Cross pram made?

Our story starts in 1877 when our founder, William Wilson, invented the world’s first baby carriage. William developed an innovative spring system – the now-famous bouncing Silver Cross suspension – and combined this with a reversible hood to create the first-ever modern pram.

What is the difference between Silver Cross prams?

The difference is in the adaptors. The Silver Cross comes with adaptors for the addition of a car seat, however the Joie Chrome DLX Pushchair & Carrycot doesn’t require any extra adaptors for the compatible Joie i-Gemm Car Seat and Joie Gemm Car Seat.

Where is the serial number on a Silver Cross pram?

You will find the serial number on the enclosed leaflet with your instruction manual or on a white sticker underneath your pram on its frame.

How long can you use a Silver Cross pram?

It is suitable from birth up to 25kg in single pushchair mode, or from birth to 15 + 9 kg when configured with pushchair seat and carrycot and up to 9kg with single carrycot.

How do you take the wheels off a Silver Cross dolls pram?

3.1 To remove the wheels turn the pram on its side, ensuring that the parking device is in the “off” position. Pull out the metal tab ‘C’ and slide the wheel off axle. WARNING: Always ensure when placing the pram on its side that the surface is clean and cushioned to avoid damage to the body surface.

Can you wash Silver Cross pram cover?

No, your Silver Cross product is supplied with a warranty that is only valid to the country of purchase. We would suggest that you follow the fabric wash care instructions included with your pram, however we would suggest that you never machine wash, tumble dry, iron or bleach your fabric items.

How do you get the wheels off a silver cross dolls pram?

Can you wash silver cross pram cover?

Can you wash silver cross pram?