What are gas prices in Binghamton NY?

What are gas prices in Binghamton NY?


Regular Premium
Yesterday Avg. $4.979 $5.599
Week Ago Avg. $4.767 $5.367
Month Ago Avg. $4.657 $5.112
Year Ago Avg. $3.034 $3.551

Can Google Maps show gas prices?

It couldn’t be easier. If you have Google Maps installed on your phone, you can quickly check gas prices from right inside the app. Just open Google Maps and tap the “Gas” button under the search bar. You’ll see nearby stations and the price of a gallon.

How much is gas in Honolulu right now?


Regular Diesel
Current Avg. $5.398 $5.862
Yesterday Avg. $5.382 $5.817
Week Ago Avg. $5.352 $5.797
Month Ago Avg. $5.191 $5.702

How much is gas in NY right now?

State Gas Price Averages

State Regular Premium
New York $5.032 $5.688
Ohio $5.056 $5.729
Oklahoma $4.633 $5.153
Oregon $5.537 $5.904

How do I find out the price of gas near me?

GasBuddy Local Gas Prices Map When looking at your hometown, the GasBuddy map even has gas stations pinpointed so you can see real-time prices available near you. Click on your local gas station on the fuel prices map to check out reviews and other information about each location.

Is there an app to find cheap gas?

Apps to Help You Find Cheap Gas

  • GasBuddy. GasBuddy is probably one of the more well-known apps to help save you gas.
  • Gas Guru. What is this?
  • Waze.
  • AAA TripTik® Planner.
  • Gas Prices by MapQuest.
  • GEICO Mobile.
  • GetUpside.
  • RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder.

How much is gas at Costco in Hawaii?

Top 10 Lowest Prices

Price Station Address
5.08 Costco 520 Alakawa St Iwilei May 31,10:46 AM 520 Alakawa St
5.08 Freedom 2011 N School St Kalihi May 31,10:41 AM 2011 N School St
5.08 Cash Hele 2260 Kamehameha Hwy Honolulu May 31,10:23 AM 2260 Kamehameha Hwy
5.09 76 1000 Kamokila Blvd Kapolei May 30,6:05 AM 1000 Kamokila Blvd

Why is gas so expensive in Hawaii?

Gas prices in Hawaii are driven by many factors including the state’s high real estate prices and the cost of shipping fuel by barge to other islands after refining at the Par Pacific refinery on Oahu. In ordinary times it is typical for crude oil price trends to affect retail prices 60 days out.

How much is gas in Lebanon now?

Today fuel prices UNL 98685’000 L.L. LPG 10 KG358’000 L.L.

Is gas cheaper in NJ or NY?

The average gas price in all three states is still higher than the national average – nearly a quarter more a gallon in New York, 16 cents more in Connecticut and 11 cents more in New Jersey. New York ranks 10th in the country on the list of the most expensive states to buy gas.

Where is gas most expensive in the US?

There is a big range in prices depending on where you are in the country. In California, the nation’s most expensive market, the average cost of gas is $6.43.

Whats the highest gas has ever been?

The record comes as the national average for gas reached $4.523 a gallon, the highest recorded average price.

What day of the week is gas cheapest?

A 2021 study by the travel and navigation app GasBuddy found that Monday offers the lowest average gas price in the majority of the U.S. The first day of the week was also the best day to buy gas according to their 2017, 2018 and 2019 studies.

What app compares gas prices?

Here are five of the best.

  • GasBuddy. By far the best-known gas price app is GasBuddy.
  • Gas Guru. If you’re into saving money on gas but not interested in doing any work, consider Gas Guru.
  • Waze.
  • Dash.
  • MapQuest Gas Prices.