What did W. C. Fields say?

What did W. C. Fields say?

“A thing worth having is a thing worth cheating for.” “Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water.” “Never try to impress a woman, because if you do she’ll expect you to keep up the standard for the rest of your life.” “Marry an outdoors woman.

What does W. C. Fields stand for?

William Claude Dukenfield
William Claude Dukenfield, better known as W. C. Fields, was an American comedian, actor, juggler and writer.

What is W. C. Fields first name?

Claude William Dukenfield
Fields fought his fight against tremendous odds and won–and he never lost his humor. Even in life’s darkest moments he saw something funny, for he had the true comedian’s ability to laugh at himself. Claude William Dukenfield–for that was his real name–was born in Philadelphia on Jan. 29, 1880.

Who said I like children but I couldn t eat a whole one?

Fields or Groucho Marx who said, “I love children, but I couldn’t eat a whole one”?

What was W. C. Fields favorite saying?

A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.

Did WC Fields Say My Little Chickadee?

The image of W.C. Fields in most people’s minds is a caricature: the top-hatted, hard-drinking, bulbous-nosed crook and swindler who loved to say “my little chickadee,” “never give a sucker an even break” and “Godfrey Daniel,” his euphemism for swearing.

What were WC Fields last words?

Once again, none of us are ever likely to laugh at death when the time comes…. but it would help to have the last line pre-prepared. W. C. Fields: “I’m looking for a loophole.”

Did WC Fields drink alcohol?

He manages to find the human being in his subject — no small task with entertainers, wrapped as they are in myths of their own and others’ making. This is not to say that Fields did not drink; he died of cirrhosis of the liver due to chronic alcoholism.

Did W. C. Fields really dislike children?

William Claude Dukenfield (January 29, 1880 – December 25, 1946), better known as W. C. Fields, was an American comedian, actor, juggler, and writer. Fields’s comic persona was a misanthropic and hard-drinking egotist who remained a sympathetic character despite his supposed contempt for children and dogs.

What was WC Fields favorite saying?

Who put pineapple juice in pineapple juice?

W.C. Fields
While filming the movie, W.C. Fields regularly drank from a flask, which he insisted was only “pineapple juice.” One day, however, the stagehands replaced the vodka in the flask with real pineapple juice. When Fields tasted it, he sputtered and shouted, “Who put pineapple juice in my pineapple juice?!”

Was WC Fields a heavy drinker?

Alcohol, dogs, and children Only after he became a Follies star and abandoned juggling did Fields begin drinking regularly. His role in Paramount Pictures’ International House (1933), as an aviator with an unquenchable taste for beer, did much to establish Fields’s popular reputation as a prodigious drinker.

What is Mae Jemison’s most famous quote?

1. “Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.” – Mae Jemison.