What does chops mean in drumming?

What does chops mean in drumming?

What are drum chops? Drum chops are musical phrases played around the kit. They can be flashy bursts of notes (often linear patterns) or simple melodic phrases. They can be slow or fast. You can practice them by yourself or play them along with a tune in any musical style.

How do I become a good worship drummer?

Tips for church drummers

  1. 1 Do… tune your drums regularly.
  2. 2 Don’t… keep using Hot Rods.
  3. 3 Do… warm up before the rehearsal/service.
  4. 4 Don’t… drink too many stimulants prior to the service.
  5. 5 Do… keep your tempos steady.
  6. 6 Don’t… get too flashy.
  7. 7 Don’t…
  8. 8 Do…

How do I become a better church drummer?

How to practice drums

  1. Always, always, always use a Metronome. I can’t stress this point enough.
  2. Practice at different tempos. Most church services include a set of fast paced songs followed by a few slow songs.
  3. Watch out for Past Success.
  4. More is More.

What is a drum riff called?

lick – drum lick or short drum fill. A lick can also be a quick “riff” or fancy beat. linear drumming – linear drumming refers to beats or fills that incorporating stickings not usually played together.

What is the drum equivalent of a riff?

Grooves and fills are the main components of the music played on a drum kit, and together with basic techniques or rudiments such as flams make up the curriculum for learning to play the drum kit. To a drummer, a groove is the drumming equivalent of a riff to a guitarist.

What is the role of a drummer in church?

Drummer Provides musical leadership on the drums and auxiliary percussion and will work with the Director of Worship & The Arts, Music Director, Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, and Associate Pastors to ensure order, structure, and harmony among all aspects of worship within the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and …

What is a lick in drums?

Drum lick….any manner or combination of rudiments or stickings, used for a particular fill, sound, or pattern on a drum set.

What is it called when a drummer hits a drum?

Snare comping – Playing shots, accents, and hits on the snare drum to compliment the other musicians in a band. Comping is done in all styles of music, and is meant to accent the melodic instruments when they are soloing or playing certain pieces.