What does Nobbler mean?

What does Nobbler mean?

nobbler (plural nobblers) A person who interferes with a racehorse or greyhound in order to prevent it from winning a race. (Australia, obsolete) A serving of beer or spirits.

What is the crime of Nobbling?

To filch or steal.

What does it mean to nobble a horse?

Definition of nobble transitive verb. 1 British : to incapacitate (a racehorse) especially by drugging. 2 British slang. a : to win over to one’s side. b : steal.

How much is a Nobbler?

By the early 20th century this measure had shrunk to 1 oz and measured instead of by eye pours were becoming standard. Our neighbours the Australians legislated the size of a nobbler pour, their definition being not less than 13/16ths of a fluid ounce.

What does tanking it mean?

1 : to make no effort to win : lose intentionally tanked the match. 2 : to place, store, or treat in a tank. intransitive verb. 1 : to lose intentionally : give up in competition. 2 : to suffer rapid decline, failure, or collapse bought a stock that quickly tanked.

What is a Nobbler of brandy?

The nobbler, was literally “something that nobbles or gets hold of you”. Brandy, whisky, gin (both the English and Dutch styles) and rum were commonly drunk nobblers in the gold rush days of the West Coast in the 1860’s and remainder of the 19thcentury.

What does suborn mean in the Bible?

Definition of suborn transitive verb. 1 : to induce secretly to do an unlawful thing. 2 : to induce to commit perjury also : to obtain (perjured testimony) from a witness.

What is contra mundum mean?

against the world
Definition of contra mundum : against the world : in defiance of all general opinion.

What dies he tanked her mean?

Definition of tanked slang. : drunk sense 1a —often used with up. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About tanked.

Why is it called tanking?

Tank came from Tennis jargon, by way of boxing jargon. Originally, it meant to lose on purpose to gain an advantage. You could tank a set to get a rest or tank a boxing match so your backers could make money gambling against you.

What is a Nobbler drink?

What does it mean to suborn someone?

What does warmer climes mean?

countable noun [usually plural, usually adjective NOUN] You use clime in expressions such as warmer climes and foreign climes to refer to a place that has a particular kind of climate.

What does sunnier climes mean?

/klaɪmz/ us. /klaɪmz/ a place where the weather is different in a particular way: We’re off to sunnier climes next week.

Is tank slang for jail?

Slang. a prison cell or enclosure for more than one occupant, as for prisoners awaiting a hearing. tank top.

What is tanking in slang?

The definition of tanked is slang for drunk or intoxicated. When you have had 10 beers, this is an example of a time when you are tanked. adjective. 1.

Is tanking allowed?

Tanking is differentiated from actions taken to achieve a pre-determined result in a specific contest, thus violating the rules of the game (and possibly laws), which is more specifically deemed match fixing.