What does Ryan Reynolds have in the voices?

What does Ryan Reynolds have in the voices?

The Voices is a film about Jerry (played by Ryan Reynolds) who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Who voices Mr Whiskers?

Ryan ReynoldsMr. Whiskers / Voiced byRyan Rodney Reynolds is a Canadian-American actor and producer. Throughout his 30-year career in film and television, he has received multiple accolades, including a Critics’ Choice Movie Award, three People’s Choice Awards, a Grammy and Golden Globe nomination, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Wikipedia

Who voiced the cat and dog in the voices?

But does Reynolds voice his cat and dog in The Voices? Yep, which means he’s basically talking to himself the entire movie. It’s pretty impressive and is done through movie magic, a.k.a. him sitting in a sound booth to be his cat, Mr. Whiskers, and his dog, Bosco, before filming actually began.

Who is the voice of the cat in the voices?

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds modeled the voice of the cat after a Scottish friend he has known for over twenty years.

What breed of dog is Bosco in the voices?

BREED: Labrador Retriever YEARS: Movie: 1996. One of Jerry’s pets in the movie The Voices; about a cheerful guy who hallucinates that his cat prods him to be a serial killer while his dog insists that he be good.

How much money did the voices make?

The Voices (2015)

Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $5,000 Details
Worldwide Box Office $2,243,672
Home Market Performance
Est. Domestic DVD Sales $113,022 Details

Who is the voice of the little white dog in secret life of pets?

Jenny Slate
Appearances. Gidget is a white Pomeranian with a ribbon on her head, who is one of the main characters in The Secret Life of Pets. She is voiced by Jenny Slate.

What kind of dog is quark?

Quark is a wired haired Jack Russell terrier.

What breed is Harvey from ET?

Golden Retriever
from is the resident pet, Harvey. Harvey is the family’s Golden Retriever. Although the breed is generally quite docile and friendly, Harvey initially does not take to E.T.’s presence at all. In fact, he barks at E.T.

Why did Ariana Grande walk off The Voice?

Although Ariana had also sang one of the late artist’s tunes “How Will I Know,” she immediately stopped dead in her tracks when she heard Kelly. After appearing like she didn’t know what to do with herself, Ariana threw up her hands and began walking off the stage seemingly in shock.

Who is the voice actor of the bunny in The Secret Life of Pets?

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart as Snowball Hart reprises his role as Snowball, who was a rebellious rabbit and leader of “The Flushed Pets,” a gang of animals who ditched the domesticated pet life.

What type of dog is Duke?

Appearances. Duke is a large mutt who is one of the main characters in The Secret Life of Pets and The Secret Life of Pets 2. He is voiced by Eric Stonestreet.