What fonts are similar to Frutiger?

What fonts are similar to Frutiger?

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  • Avenir Next. 60 styles. from $49.99.
  • FF Meta. 29 styles. from $59.99.
  • FF DIN. 28 styles. from $71.99.
  • Museo Sans. 22 styles. from $0.
  • Generis Sans. 12 styles. from $29.99.
  • Corpid. 34 styles. from $49.
  • PTL Maurea. 20 styles. from $45.
  • FF Transit. 16 styles. from $45.

What type of font is Frutiger?

sans-serif typeface
Frutiger is a sans-serif typeface by the Swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger.

How do I find a similar font?

WhatTheFont WhatTheFont, from myfonts.com, is quick and easy to use. Drag your image into the browser window and it should automatically detect the text. If not—or if there’s more than one font in use—adjust the crop box to select the text you need. Hit the Identify button to instantly see some font suggestions.

What fonts are similar to Bembo?

Bembo Book Alternatives

  • Stempel Garamond. 4 styles. from $39.99.
  • Garamond Premier. 34 styles. from $35.
  • FF Clifford. 6 styles. from $49.99.

Why is Frutiger a good font?

Frutiger is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed for outstanding legibility for the reader even from long distances, in low light settings or if the reader is moving.

What is closest font to serif?

Fresco sans This family, like Scala sans, was designed to be used alongside their serif counterparts (Fresco and Scala, respectively,) and can be more versatile than sans fonts that are designed by itself.

Where is Frutiger font used?

In addition to being used throughout the Charles De Gaulle Airport, Frutiger is used in the identity of brands such as the British Royal Navy, Telefónica O2, DHL and Raytheon. Passengers on California’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system may recognize Frutiger in use on signage and route maps.

Is Frutiger copyrighted?

So assuming the original Frutiger design is in the public domain, if you want to use it in your computer, you’d have to digitalize it and build the font yourself. You cannot claim that Adobe’s or Linotype’s version of Frutiger is in the public domain.

Is Frutiger in Adobe fonts?

An OpenType CFF version of the Frutiger family is available on the Adobe FontFolio 11.1 DVD, but Adobe hasn’t licensed that font individually for a number of years now. Note that since Adobe licensed Frutiger from Linotype, Adobe isn’t free to give away such fonts gratis.

Where has Frutiger been used?

Where has Frutiger been used? Frutiger has been used for The British Navy and Army, the signs in the airport in Paris, Swiss traffic signs, DHL, the public transport network in Oslo and for CBC.