What is Niox used for?

NIOX VERO® is designed as a handoheld device for measuring FeNO a marker of airway inƃammation in exhaled breath from humans. NIOX VERO® is suitable for patients age 4 and above.

What does Niox Vero measure?

NIOX VERO quantitatively measures Nitric Oxide in human breath (Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide, FeNO) and Nasal Nitric Oxide (nNO) in the aspirated air from the nasal cavity. FeNO. FeNO is increased in some airway inflammatory processes such as asthma and decreases in response to anti-inflam- matory treatment.

What is Niox machine?

NIOX VERO® is a non-invasive, simple-to-use, point-of-care system that provides rapid standardized FeNO measurements. With over 38 million NIOX® tests undertaken to date, our system is used by healthcare professionals around the world to help improve asthma care, assisting: diagnosis.

How does FeNO testing work?

During a FeNO test, you breathe into a mouthpiece connected to a device that measures how much of this gas is in the air you exhale (breathe out). When combined with other information that your health care provider has about you, this test can confirm whether you have asthma or whether your asthma needs more treatment.

Does high FeNO mean asthma?

High FeNO levels indicate your airways are inflamed or irritated. This is why FeNO testing is a valuable tool in testing for asthma. While an elevated FeNO test does not confirm a diagnosis of asthma, it does indicate that you may be experiencing airway inflammation or irritation.

What is a high FeNO level?

High FENO (. 50 ppb in Adults, 35 ppb in Children) Intermediate FENO (between 25 ppb and 50 ppb in Adults; 20–35 ppb in Children)

What is a normal FeNO result?

FeNO levels of < 25 of parts per billion (ppb) is considered normal, 25 ppb – 50 ppb as intermediate, and > 50 ppb high [9].

What is a normal FeNO range?

What is a normal FeNO score?

What is a normal FeNO level? In clinical practice, a normal FeNO test is any number less than 25 parts per billion (ppb) in adults. For children, anything less than 20 ppb is considered normal.

Is FeNO specific for asthma?

Increased FeNO has been shown in patients with bronchiectasis, allergic rhinitis, and asthma. During inflammation, inducible nitric oxide synthase expression increases in response to specific and nonspecific stimuli.

What is a normal FeNO reading?

According to scientific findings, normal FeNO values depend, among other things, on height and gender. As a guide: Values below 25 ppb are considered normal (children below 20 ppb) and. Values above 50 ppb (children above 35 ppb) indicate active inflammation of the airways.