What is rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum?

What is rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum?

Quick look. Rough ER (RER) is involved in some protein production, protein folding, quality control and despatch. It is called ‘rough’ because it is studded with ribosomes. Smooth E R (SER) is associated with the production and metabolism of fats and steroid hormones.

What is the main function of RER?

Functions of Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum RER helps in the formation of proteins in the cell. The presence of ribosomes is responsible for the synthesis of the proteins by the RER. Thus RER is found in excess in those cells where protein synthesis takes place in a large amount.

What is rough endoplasmic reticulum Class 9?

The rough endoplasmic reticulum is named so because of its appearance. It is a series of connected flattened sacs having several ribosomes on its outer surface, hence the name. It synthesizes and secretes proteins in the liver, hormones and other substances in the glands.

Where is rough ER located?

Rough ER lies immediately adjacent to the cell nucleus, and its membrane is continuous with the outer membrane of the nuclear envelope. The ribosomes on rough ER specialize in the synthesis of proteins that possess a signal sequence that directs them specifically to the ER for processing.

What is difference between SER and RER?

The main difference between the rough endoplasmic reticulum and smooth endoplasmic reticulum is that RER consists of ribosomes that are responsible for its rough nature and synthesis of protein. It plays a central role in protein synthesis. It plays an important role in lipid synthesis.

What is the function of rough endoplasmic reticulum Class 11?

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum Function: The majority of the functions of rough ER is associated with protein synthesis. The rough endoplasmic reticulum also plays a vital role in protein folding. Also ensures quality control (regarding correct protein folding).

Why is the rough ER important?

The rough endoplasmic reticulum plays an important role in synthesizing proteins destined for secretion from the cell. Therefore, it is studded with ribosomes and polysomes, which are translating mRNA containing the code for these proteins.

What is the difference between Rough ER and Golgi apparatus?

The endoplasmic reticulum is involved in protein synthesis (RER) and lipid synthesis (SER), whereas the Golgi apparatus is involved in the packaging, transport and modification of proteins and lipids.

What is the relationship between rough ER and lysosomes?

What is the relation between lysosomes and endoplasmic reticulum? The rough endoplasmic reticulum makes the enzymes of lysosomes.

What is the function of ER and Golgi body?

The Function of Golgi Apparatus Golgi apparatus performs various important functions inside the cell like: (i) The main function of the Golgi apparatus is to carry out the processing of proteins generated in the endoplasmic reticulum. Golgi apparatus also transports protein to the different parts of the cell.

What is the difference between rough ER and Golgi apparatus?

What is the ER made of?

The ER consists of the nuclear envelope and the peripheral ER, which includes smooth tubules and rough sheets. While the ER is defined as an interconnected network with a continuous membrane, the different structures that make up the ER perform very diverse and specialized functions within the cell.

What is peroxisome?

Peroxisomes are organelles that sequester diverse oxidative reactions and play important roles in metabolism, reactive oxygen species detoxification, and signaling. Oxidative pathways housed in peroxisomes include fatty acid β-oxidation, which contributes to embryogenesis, seedling growth, and stomatal opening.

What is the meaning of Golgi complex?

(GOL-jee A-puh-RA-tus) A stack of small flat sacs formed by membranes inside the cell’s cytoplasm (gel-like fluid). The Golgi apparatus prepares proteins and lipid (fat) molecules for use in other places inside and outside the cell. The Golgi apparatus is a cell organelle. Also called Golgi body and Golgi complex.