What is the warranty on a Continental tire?

What is the warranty on a Continental tire?

All Continental passenger and light truck tires are eligible for the Limited Warranty for a maximum of up to 72 months from the date of purchase. The Limited Warranty allows for free replacement within the first 12 months.

How do you claim warranty on tires?

To be eligible for a claim under this type of warranty, the tires must have worn evenly and must be down to the final 2/32nds of tread. In order to have your claim approved, you’ll have to show service records proving the tires were rotated regularly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Do all Continental tires have a warranty?

All our tires are covered by our extensive warranty policy. Depending on the legal framework in your country (details may vary), most markets are covered by a minimum warranty period of two years starting from the day when you purchased the tire.

How do I contact Continental?

US Phone Number – 800-847-3349 Updated We are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM ET.

How many miles should a Continental tire last?

Continental tires last between 15,000 and 70,000 miles, depending on how hard they are driven. When the tires are not being used much they can last as long as 6 years, but normally they will wear out after 3-4 years.

How does Continental tread warranty work?

If your tires become unserviceable within the first 12 months, we’ll replace them for free. We’ll cover replacements on select products up to 80,000 miles. If you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll replace your tires with Continental brand tires in the first 60 days.

How do you find out if my tires are under warranty?

Tires have a separate warranty Instead, the warranty comes from the tiremaker, and it’s outlined in a booklet you should find in your new car’s glove box. The tire warranty protects against premature tire wear or manufacturing defects.

Does a tire warranty cover nails?

Tire warranties protect your tires if they suffer from a manufacturing defect that causes premature wear or a problem such as tread separation. What manufacturer-backed warranties do not cover are damages from routine use, such as nail punctures or cuts from hitting a curb or rock.

Are bubbles in tires covered by warranty?

If the bubble is the result of a manufacturing defect, your manufacturer warranty should indeed cover the replacement or a pro-rated replacement of your bad tire. However, don’t count on the bubble being the manufacturer’s fault. Manufacturing defects in these cases are very unlikely.

Which Continental tires are being recalled?

Continental Tire is recalling several of its tires manufactured from January 6, 2019, to April 30, 2022. The concern is for the adventure-minded TKC 80 and all-around ContiGo!

Why are Continental tires so good?

Continental is committed to producing high-quality tires, which perform according to expectations. Its tires deliver reliable grip, traction, steering response and handling in all types of conditions and surfaces. Also, its tires are highly fuel-efficient, comfortable and durable.

How often should Continental tires be replaced?

Together with other members of the tire and automotive industries, Continental advises that all tires (including spare tires) made more than ten years ago should be removed from service and replaced with new tires.

Are nails covered under tire warranty?

What does a 60 000 mile tire warranty mean?

Instead, they offer a prorated replacement price, based on the mileage that remains. Let’s say you bought a tire with a 60,000 mile warranty and it wore out at 40,000 miles. That means you used 70% of the warranty mileage (40,000 รท 60,000 = . 70). In this case, you would receive a 30% (1.00 – .

Is a nail in a tire considered a road hazard?

Road hazard warranties specifically cover damage to the tire caused through non-negligent driving. This can include driving over nails, broken glass, or other unexpected debris in the road.

Are Continental tires made in China?

As the only tire manufacturing site in China, Continental Tires Hefei has grown significantly during the last 10 years. It has completed three phases of expansion with total investment of more than 500 million euro and total employment over 1,700.

How many miles should Continental tires last?

Most standard Continental tires will last you 15,000 miles to 70,000 miles. Each tire has a different rubber compound.

Do tire warranties cover sidewall damage?

If the tire warranty was purchased for the tire, and it’s in the recommended spec, and repairable, it will be repaired. If the tire cannot be repaired due to issues like punctures in the sidewall, the tire will be replaced.