What should I read before The Force Awakens?

What should I read before The Force Awakens?

Books to Read Before You See Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  • Aftermath (Star Wars Aftermath Trilogy #1)
  • A New Dawn: Star Wars.
  • Star Wars: Lords of the Sith.
  • Tarkin: Star Wars.
  • Heir to the Jedi: Star Wars.
  • Ultimate Star Wars: Characters, Creatures, Locations, Technology, Vehicles.

What order does the Star Wars books go in?

Star wars books in order bby 1st 100

  • Into the Void: Star Wars (Dawn of the Jedi) by Lebbon, Tim.
  • Star Wars, Dawn of the Jedi. Book Two, Prisoner of Bogan.
  • Star Wars, Dawn of the Jedi. Book Three, Force War.
  • Lost Tribe of the Sith. The Collected Stories.
  • Lost Tribe of the Sith.
  • Revan.
  • Star Wars, the Old Republic.
  • Fatal Alliance.

Where should I start with the new Star Wars book?

10 Best Star Wars Books to Begin Your Reading Journey in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

  • Lost Stars – Claudia Gray.
  • Light of the Jedi – Charles Soule.
  • Heir to the Empire – Timothy Zahn.
  • Lords of the Sith – Paul S.
  • Dark Disciple – Christie Golden.
  • Kenobi – John Jackson Miller.
  • Force Collector – Kevin Shinick.
  • Aftermath – Chuck Wendig.

Do you have to read the Star Wars books?

There is no such thing as required reading for Star Wars fans. If you have the time and means to enjoy the comics and books, absolutely feel free to do so. But you are more than welcome to consume only the parts of Star Wars you love without feeling like you have to devour everything in order to be “in the know.”

What is the best way to read the Star Wars books?

The best way to read the Star Wars books in order is by following the chronological order. The story starts all the way back more than 20,000 years before A New Hope, although there are books that exist that are written more than a few hundred years in the past.

What Star Wars book should you read first?

Ask any Star Wars reader what book to start with, and nine times out of 10, you’ll get the same answer: Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy. Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command kicked off the Expanded Universe, written as the third trilogy decades before The Force Awakens arrived.

Are the Thrawn books canon?

Star Wars: Thrawn, also referred to as Star Wars: The Imperial Trilogy, is a canon adult-fiction novel series written by Timothy Zahn and published by Del Rey.

What’s the best Star Wars novel?

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover Matthew Stover’s groundbreaking novelization of the final film in the Prequel Trilogy takes our top spot in the pantheon of Star Wars literature for a number of reasons. Chief among them? This book is simply the best written Star Wars novel of all time.

Where should I start with Clone Wars?

How to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars in order: chronological

  • Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (live-action movie)
  • Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (live-action movie)
  • Season 2 episode 16 – ‘Cat and Mouse’
  • Season 1 episode 16 – ‘The Hidden Enemy’
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (animated movie)

Where do The Clone Wars fit in the timeline?

The film is set during the three-year time period between the films Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones (2002) and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (2005). The Clone Wars served as an introduction to the animated series of the same name that premiered on Cartoon Network on October 3, 2008.

Is Clone Wars better in chronological order?

If you’re watching the show for the first time, it might be best to use the chronological viewing order. This watch order can help you keep better track of the overarching story, since episodes won’t skip around the timeline as much.

In what order should I read the Thrawn books?

Absolutely read the original Thrawn Trilogy first. Timothy Zahn (the author of the series), recommends you do so. Start with Heir to the Empire, then move swiftly on to Dark Force Rising and then finally, enjoy The Last Command.

What is the difference between Thrawn and thrawn ascendancy?

Lastly, Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy serves as a prequel to Star Wars: Thrawn as it focuses on Thrawn’s time as an officer for the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force.

Should you watch the original Star Wars trilogy?

If, however, you’re a tech-savvy individual—and you want to watch the original, perfect version of the Star Wars trilogy—you should absolutely check out the Despecialized Edition. It is a fan-made reconstruction of the original trilogy in all it’s unaltered glory—and in high definition.

Should you skip Star Wars Episode 4 and 5?

So if you’re dreading the idea of a 6-hour Star Wars marathon, go ahead and skip them. That said, it’s clear that The Force Awakens will be drawing on a lot of material from the original trilogy from the 70s and 80s—also known as episodes 4, 5, and 6.

What order should you watch the Star Wars movies in?

Popularized by blogger Rod Hilton, Machete Order involves watching the original Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back first, then watching the prequels before finishing it all off with Return of the Jedi (so that’s 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6).