What should I text my girlfriend in the middle of the night?

What should I text my girlfriend in the middle of the night?

25 Texts To Send Your SO Tonight That’ll Make Them Smile Tomorrow

  • Just sending you a text to let you know I’m thinking about you before I fall asleep.
  • Just woke up from the most beautiful dream about my favorite person: You.
  • I hope you’re having the sweetest dreams right now.
  • You are the cutest sleeper I’ve ever seen.

What to text a girl when she is sleeping?

30 Cute Messages to Send to Your Girl While She’s Sleeping

  • I’d love to watch you sleep beside me.
  • You are the eternal light in my life.
  • I want to have you close to me forever.
  • Remember that my love is with you wherever you go.
  • You are my favorite person in the world.
  • I wish you were sleeping right next to me.

What to say to a girl before she sleeps?

Just texting to say I love you before bed. Dream sweet, my love/darling/sweetheart. I just wanted to text to say goodnight and that I’m thinking of you. Goodnight, my love, parting is such sweet sorrow That I shall say goodnight till it is tomorrow.

How do you say good night flirty?

How Do You Say Goodnight in a Flirty Way?

  1. Sleep tight, Sexy! I’ll be dreaming of you!
  2. Good night, the love of my life. Sweet dreams!
  3. Get some rest! I’m so lucky to have you, Sweetheart!
  4. Goodnight, most handsome guy/ prettiest girl in my life.
  5. “Sleep tonight, sweetheart.
  6. Night night, baby.
  7. “Good night, sweetness.

How do you say good night in a flirty way?

What should I text my crush at night?

20 Texts To Send A Crush Before Bed If You’re Workin’ On Your Night Moves

  • “Hope you had a great day today.
  • “Tell me about the best thing that happened to you today.”
  • “Want to hear about the funny thing that happened to me today?”
  • “I’ll be able to sleep better if I know I’m seeing you soon.

What is a unique way to say good night?

Sweet dreams! Dream about me! Go to bed, you sleepy head!

How do you say goodnight in romantically?

What can I say instead of sweet dreams?

Interesting ways to say good night your crush

  • Sleep Tight!
  • Sleep Well.
  • Sweet Dreams!
  • Have a Good Sleep.
  • Dream about me!
  • See you in the morning!
  • Don’t forget to say your prayers!
  • Dream about me!

How do you text good night in a cute way?

If you want them to know how much you love them…

  1. “I hate saying goodnight to you.”
  2. “I love that you’re my last thought before I go to bed.”
  3. “I’m obsessed with being your last thought before you go to bed.”
  4. “I don’t want to sleep because I know my dreams can’t compare to you in my reality.”
  5. “I love you. Goodnight.”