What time does UVA cafeteria close?

What time does UVA cafeteria close?

7 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Do meal swipes carry over UVA?

At the end of the fall semester, any swipes or Plus Dollars you haven’t used will roll over into the spring semester unless you downgrade or cancel. Swipes and Plus Dollars do not, however, roll over from spring to fall and are non-refundable.

How many dining halls Does UVA have?

three dining halls
Dining halls offer students more options than ever These foods represent just a sampling of the variety of fresh, seasonal items available in the three dining halls at UVA—Observatory Hill, Newcomb and Runk Hall.

What is a meal exchange at UVA?

Meal Exchange Meal Exchange allows you a swipe for particular combos at select locations on-Grounds. Only one Meal Exchange swipe per hour is permitted. There is a daily limit of 2-3 Meal Exchange swipes. Flex Dollars Flex Dollars are included with your meal plan to be used at all UVA Dine locations.

Does UVA have good food?

We have Starbucks, burrito/quesadilla places, pizza, sushi, smoothies, subs, etc. The cafes, especially McLeod and Alderman, are REALLY good. Also, the restaurants on the Corner and in the city of Charlottesville itself are fantastic.

Where are vending machines at UVA?

Where can you find the machines?

  • REC H (third floor, at the library)
  • REC A (first floor, next to the other vendingmachines)
  • PC Hoofthuis (entrance hall, opposite the service desk, next to the printer)

Do Bearcat dollars carry over?

Bearcat Card funds carry over from one semester to the next, and a refund of any unspent Bearcat Card dollars is available upon request at the end of spring semester or upon leaving UC. For more information visit the Bearcat Card website.

What do UVA students do for fun?

Clubs and teams are a big part of the student life at UVa. Football games are a great way to spend time with friends and, even if you don’t like sports, it’s always fun to take in the sights and, my personal favorite, watch the UVa marching band. Clubs are also very popular at UVa.

Can you use flex dollars at the bookstore UVA?

Cavalier Advantage can be used at all Dining locations on-Grounds (including dining halls), and it is also accepted at vending machines, copiers, laundry machines, all Bookstore locations, Newcomb Hall Post Office, Student Health and the Pharmacy, Cavalier Computers, Student Financial Services, and many other locations …

Can you use flex dollars at UVA Bookstore?

What are UVA plus dollars?

The plus dollar system at UVA gives students access to a huge variety of food options on grounds that are a great supplement to dining halls. Stick to a plan to avoid the dreaded dining hall food as much as possible.

Where is the Bearcat card accepted?

On-Campus Locations Your Bearcat Card can be used at libraries, copier stations, computer labs, and vending machines as well as other locations on-campus.

Where can I use my meal swipes WVU?

Anytime you eat a WVU Dining facility, you can use your WVU ID card (or biometric scan where available) to take advantage of meal swipes, Dining Dollars and/or Mountie Bounty. A meal swipe includes one meal at a WVU residence hall dining facility (there is no price-per-item cost).

Does Canes take Bearcat card?

Restaurants. Restaurants are the best feature that having Bearcat cards can bring you. You get to eat good foods while hanging out with friends and get to use your Bearcat card to pay. My favorite restaurants around UC campus so far must be Canes, Chipotle, and BiBiBop.

Does Elephant Walk take Bearcat card?

Bearcat Card accepted here sign outside of Elephant Walk on West McMillan St.

Where can I use my Bronco bucks?

Bronco Bucks Bucks can be used to purchase meals or items at Bronco Grill, Java City, C-3 Express (SBE), or McAlister’s Deli. Balances can be viewed at any location at the register.