Where are the little sisters in Dionysus Park?

Where are the little sisters in Dionysus Park?

Rescue or harvest three little sisters Head southwest, up some stairs past a large sign for Dionysus park, and turn right through the next room to move west into a large, open room. In the center of the room, behind a statue, on the ground next to a toppled trash can, you’ll find the audio diary Lamb Flouts the System.

What is the code for Dionysus Park BioShock 2?

BioShock 2 Door Access Codes

Area Code
Dionysus Park, Basement Storage 1080
Fontaine Futuristics, Plasmid Theater 5254
Inner Persephone, Holding Wing 2673
Inner Persephone, Therapy Wing 4146

What happens if you spare Stanley Poole?

If Delta has spared Stanley, the latter will be kneeling before Delta, who in turn will be holding his hand showing mercy. If Delta took revenge upon Stanley, Delta will be choking him with one hand.

Should I harvest or rescue Little Sisters?

Should I Harvest or Rescue Little Sisters? The bottom line is that harvesting more than one Little Sister during the course of Bioshock’s story lets you upgrade all your plasmids much more quickly, but it also results in getting one of the two possible “bad” endings.

Do Big Daddies Respawn?

Big Daddys do respawn, though you ought to have plenty of time to grab the LS before they do so. The respawned ones can be safely ignored, they’ll just wander around knocking on vents to try and get the LS to come out of them unless you attack them.

Is BioShock 2 New Game Plus?

Bioshock 2 still hasnt gotten a backtracking update or new game plus. In the first game you could go to previous levels and have a new game plus.

How long does it take to complete BioShock 2?

11 hours
Main Story Length For most players, completing the entire campaign will take 11 hours normally, slightly less than its predecessor. If the difficulty is set to hard mode, however, the story could be extended up to 13 hours in most cases.

Which BioShock 2 ending is canon?

Multiverse. Whether you harvest or save sisters as either Jack or Delta, and whether or not Lamb is saved or dies, each one happens in a different dimension in the Bioshock multiverse.

What does Tenenbaum give you in BioShock?

Brigid Tenenbaum offers you a teddy bear gift of 200 ADAM — as well as goodies like ammo, health, tonics, and even plasmids — for every three Little Sisters you rescue. Some of those gifts can be extremely useful when battling Splicers and other Big Daddies.

Can there be a Big Daddy without a little sister?

No, but it is possible the Big Daddy wasn’t protecting any Little Sister. Big Daddies roam Rapture and get Little Sisters from the vents, but you can kill them before they are protecting any of them.

Is it better to harvest or save Little Sisters?

Did BioShock Infinite get remastered?

2K decided not to remaster the Microsoft Windows edition of BioShock Infinite, which already met their graphical standards for the updated console editions when configured to use its highest graphical settings. News of the remastered collection leaked from retailers and trademarks several times in advance of its June …