Who is the highest MMR in Dota?

Who is the highest MMR in Dota?

Who has the highest MMR in Dota 2? Historically speaking, the record for the highest MMR is held by 23savage, who managed to reach the 12,000+ MMR threshold on the 2nd of March 2021. Each division has its leaderboard. You can play in the Americas, Europe, South East Asia, and China.

What rank is Bsj?

Brian “BSJ” Canavan Rank: 1027.

What rank is MMR Dota 2?

Dota 2 ranks

Rank MMR
Legend 1 3080
Legend 2 3234
Legend 3 3388
Legend 4 3542

Is Arkosh a Bsj?

Brian “BSJ” Canavan is an American professional Dota 2 streamer, analyst, and former player. He joined Team Liquid as a content creator in June 2021, and is currently playing for Arkosh Gaming under the pseudonym Pale Horse.

How many MMR is divine 1?

What are the dota 2 ranks?

Rank MMR
Ancient 5 ~4,466
Divine 1 ~4,620
Divine 2 ~4,820
Divine 3 ~5,020

Is Kyle on Arkosh?

He is currently playing for Arkosh Gaming under the pseudonym Forsaken Oracle.

Is 10K MMR good?

Finally, while reaching 10K MMR may seem outstretched for most, at least you would become a decent player to make it to Immortal bracket soon if you commit to grinding and following the meta and diversifying yourself. After all, its not a big deal if there’s more then 10 people in the bracket.

Is there a Filipino player in ti10?

Update: Paolo Bago, the performance coach of Fnatic, tweeted on 20th Oct 2021 that three members of the Filipino group, including Kuku and Karl (both T1 members) are now heading home to the Philippines. He added that five more people are still in Romania but flights have already been arranged for them.