Why was the Catalonia referendum illegal?

Why was the Catalonia referendum illegal?

The referendum, known in the Spanish media by the numeronym 1-O (for “1 October”), was declared unconstitutional on 7 September 2017 and suspended by the Constitutional Court of Spain after a request from the Spanish government, who declared it a breach of the Spanish Constitution.

What percentage of Catalonia want independence?

According to the Catalan authorities, 90% of voters supported independence, but turnout was only 43%, and there were reports of irregularities.

Did Catalonia gain independence?

On October 10, in the aftermath of the 1 October 2017 Catalan independence referendum, a document declaring Catalonia to be an independent republic was signed by the members of Catalonia’s pro-independence parliamentary majority.

When did Catalonia lose its independence?

The Treaty of Utrecht (1713) ended the possibility of Catalonia’s resistance to Bourbon rule, which its capital, Barcelona, surrendered on 11 September 1714.

When was Catalan banned?

After the Treaty of the Pyrenees, a royal decree by Louis XIV of France on April 2, 1700 prohibited the use of the Catalan language in present-day Northern Catalonia. The decree forbade use in any official document, under the threat of being invalidated.

When was Catalonia given Autonomy?

Catalonia first obtained a Statute of Autonomy in 1932, during the Second Spanish Republic. This law was abolished by General Francisco Franco after the Spanish Civil War, largely because Catalonia had been a region generally opposed to Franco’s Nacionales forces.

Is Catalan easier than Spanish?

I’ve found that, in general, Catalan grammar is about as easy as Spanish grammar (and easier than French grammar).

Was Catalan illegal under Franco?

During the dictatorship of Franco (1939-1975), not only democratic freedoms were suppressed, but also the Catalan language, which was excluded from the education system and relegated to the family sphere.