Are ICEPower amps any good?

Are ICEPower amps any good?

This class of products uses a full module with much elevated performance level. It is great to have a super efficient, cool and light amplifier that runs circles around the amplifier in mass market AVRs for not a lot of money. Overall, I am happy to recommend the ICEPower ASX125 as a budget amplifier build.

What is an ICEPower amp?

‘Intelligence, Compactness & Efficiency’ ICEPower® is a switching power conversion technology used for audio reproduction. ICEPower® units are characterised by being Intelligent, Compact and Efficient. The ICEPower® series require hardly any cooling; have superb sound quality and competitive total cost efficiency.

What does class D mean on an amplifier?

Class D amps, also known as “digital” amplifiers, work by shifting the sample frequency at which they operate up to extremely high frequencies. In doing so, they use MUCH smaller power transformers which takes up far less interior space—something that is always at a premium in subwoofers.

Is Class D amplification any good?

Class D amplifiers are cherished for their efficiency, which makes them lightweight and allows them to run cooler than their linear counterparts (class A, B and A/B). A major concern with class D amps is that they don’t offer the same audio fidelity as linear amps.

Where is ICE Power made?

ICEpower a/s is a Danish development, production and sales company specialising in Class-D amplifiers for audio applications.

What is ICEpower audio Wizard?

ICE Audio Wizard is intelligent audio enhancement software for Windows and Android portable and multimedia consumer products. This software improves the overall audio quality on laptops,smart phones and tablets. Each ICE Power Module has completely passed many tests by well-experienced engineers.

Do Class D amps use less power?

Thanks to a different topology (Figure 2), the Class D amplifier dissipates much less power than any of the above. Its output stage switches between the positive and negative power supplies so as to produce a train of voltage pulses.

What is audio Wizard and do I need it?

What are the advantages of a Class D amplifier?

The key benefit of the Class D amplifier is its high efficiency of about 90%. This is much better than its closest analog rival, the Class AB amplifier, with an efficiency of 50 to 70%. High efficiency enables smaller physical size and possibly the elimination of heatsinks and cooling fans.

What is Icepower audio Wizard?

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