How can I redeem my HDFC voucher?

How can I redeem my HDFC voucher?

To redeem the code, visit the website of the retailer and sign in to your account. Once signed in, look out for a link that says Redeem Gift Code. These places are usually text bars where some text has to be input. On typing in the code, the Gift Card gets redeemed and the amount gets credited.

How can I make my HDFC millennia card lifetime free?

  1. 1st Year – 1,000.Waived on completing 2 transactions in a month for first 3 consecutive months.
  2. 2nd Year Onwards – 1,000.Waived if annual spends > 1 lakh.
  3. Lifetime FREE on completing 4 transactions of 500+ in a month for first 3 consecutive months.

How can I check my HDFC gift voucher?

You can easily check the balance on your Gift Card at HDFC Bank ATMs. For eGiftPlus Cards, you can use it on any e-commerce for any purchases. These Gift Cards cannot be used for cash withdrawal though.

How do I redeem e voucher?

Copy the eCode, this is a 16 digit number, and tap on the blue box where it says “Redeem your code” 4. Next page will be headed “Your choice”, please paste or enter the 16 digit eCode then tap on “Redeem” 5. Following page will give you choice of Retailers where you wish to spend your voucher.

Is HDFC millennia card free?

Features of HDFC Millennia Credit Card. A one-time joining fee of INR 1,000 + taxes. An annual fee or renewal fee of INR 1,000 + taxes. No annual fee will be charged if the card holder has spent INR 1 lakh the previous year.

Which is best card of HDFC?

Best HDFC Credit Cards Of 2022

  • HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card.
  • INFINIA Credit Card Metal Edition.
  • Business MoneyBack.
  • Platinum Times Credit Card.
  • InterMiles HDFC Bank Platinum Credit Card.
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How can I get Instagram voucher in HDFC Bank?

Click on InstaEVouchers, & select your preferred choice of category from the drop-down to pick the Vouchers from. Select the category, and a lot of Vouchers will pop in front of you, powered by GyFTR. Select Voucher from your favourite brands by redeeming your points. Use the Voucher to shop!

What is insta voucher in HDFC?

What is SmartBuy Instant Vouchers? HDFC Bank SmartBuy Instant Vouchers is a platform for HDFC Bank customers to buy Instant Gift Vouchers of 160+ Brands across categories like Fashion, Accessories, Restaurants, Electronics, Travel, Online, Beauty, Groceries and more.

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