What is it called when you inform someone of something?

What is it called when you inform someone of something?

Some common synonyms of inform are acquaint, apprise, and notify. While all these words mean “to make one aware of something,” inform implies the imparting of knowledge especially of facts or occurrences. informed us of the crisis.

Is it inform on or inform of?

Broadly, if they are informed on something, it means they know a lot about it. If they are informed of something, it means someone’s told them it happened.

How do you say inform someone?


  1. tell, let someone know, notify, apprise, advise, announce to, impart to, communicate to.
  2. brief, prime, enlighten, send word to, keep posted.
  3. informal put in the picture, fill in, clue in, clue up, give the low-down to.

How do you say inform in a sentence?

Inform sentence example

  1. Allow me to inform you…
  2. This time, Daniel Brennan was not available to inform us and it was just my bored web surfing that spotted the notice.
  3. Well, to mention only firewood and fodder, let me inform you.

What does it mean to inform someone?

1 : to let a person know something I informed him of the changes. 2 : to give information so as to accuse or cause suspicion He refused to inform on his friends. Other Words from inform.

How do you inform something?

I am writing in reply to your request for information regarding… I am writing to inform you about……Additional information:

  1. I wish to tell you that…
  2. I am pleased to inform you that…
  3. You might also find it useful to know that…
  4. I wish to provide you with…
  5. It might be interesting for you to know that…

What is an example of inform?

An example of to inform is someone telling a friend what time they’ll arrive. To give information laying blame or accusation upon another. To impart information to; make aware of something. We were informed by mail of the change in plans.

When can I use inform?

1to tell someone about something, especially in an official way inform somebody (of/about something) Please inform us of any changes of address. The leaflet informs customers about healthy eating. He went to inform them of his decision. Inform me at once if there are any changes in her condition.

What is it called when you tell someone something?

impart. verb. formal to give something such as information, knowledge, or beliefs to someone.

What does it mean to tell someone something?

To tell someone something is to to give information to that person; to tell someone of something is to give information about something to that person. In (1) he said that there was a story, that a story existed; in (2) he said the whole story to you.

What is an example of informing?

How do you inform example?

What does it mean when you tell someone something?

transitive verb. If you tell someone something, you give them information.

How do I tell somebody something?

To tell someone something, or to give information – thesaurus

  1. tell. verb. to give information to someone.
  2. deliver. verb. to give information or documents to someone.
  3. report. verb. to provide information about something that exists or has happened.
  4. point out. phrasal verb.
  5. brief. verb.
  6. relay. verb.
  7. divulge. verb.
  8. advise. verb.

Why is informing people important?

Why is informing important? Informing ensures that people are given the right messages at the right time. There is often a legal duty to tell people about what we do and what services we offer. It is important to get it right.

How do we inform communication?

Suggestions to Help You Inform Effectively

  1. Start with an audience analysis and keep your audience in mind.
  2. Use neutral language.
  3. Use credible, balanced sources.
  4. Offer information clearly and concisely.
  5. Use specific and varied examples and explanations.
  6. Choose media carefully.

What can I say instead of tell?


  • disclose,
  • discover,
  • divulge,
  • expose,
  • let on (about),
  • reveal,
  • spill,
  • How do you say good information?

    Synonyms for Good information

    • correct information. n.
    • reliable information. n.
    • right information. n.
    • sound information. n.
    • accurate information. n.
    • credible information. n.
    • authoritative information. n.
    • proper information. n.

    What is the best way to inform?

    Ten top tips for informing…

    1. 1 – Be clear about who, what, why, when and how? These simple questions need answers before you start informing the public.
    2. 2 – Get professional help!
    3. 3 – It’s good to talk.
    4. 4 – Keep it simple.
    5. 5 – Tell a story.
    6. 6 – Paint a portrait.
    7. 7 – Keep it short.
    8. 8 – Provide clear contact details.

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