Which has Apocarpous gynoecium?

Which has Apocarpous gynoecium?

Apocarpous gynoecium means the presence of more than one carpel and the carpels are separate or unfused. It is a primitive condition. The examples of Apocarpous gynoecium include -Strawberry and Buttercup.

Is Apocarpous gynoecium found in rose?

-Apocarpous ovary: In these types of flowers an apocarpous ovary is present that has more than one carpel. These carpels are free. For example- lotus and rose and michelia flowers. Strawberry (Fragaria species), Buttercup (Ranunculus species) are also some of other examples of apocarpous gynoecium.

What are the examples of Apocarpous?

Complete Answer:

Sl.No Apocarpous ovary Syncarpous ovary
2. It forms an aggregate of fruits It forms only one fruit with one or many seeds
3. For example, flowers of lotus, rose, buttercup, strawberry, etc. For example, flowers of tomato, mustard, coconut, mango, etc.

What is Apocarpous flower?

The terms apocarpous and syncarpous refer to compound pistils composed of more than one carpel. Apocarpous flowers contain two or more distinct carpels (such as the larkspur and peony shown above). In syncarpous flowers, two or more carpels are fused together (connate).

Is rose Apocarpous or Syncarpous?

Ranunculus, lotus, rose, strawberry, buttercup, Aconitum, etc are examples of apocarpous whereas syncarpous flower are those flower which containing one or more carpels in ovary which are fused and generally makes one fruit with one or many seed.

Is Lily Apocarpous or Syncarpous?

From the above-given options, Lotus belongs to apocarpous so the answer is lotus. And other options like Lilly and hollyhock and pumpkin all these three belong to Syncarpous.

Are tomatoes Apocarpous gynoecium?

If a gynoecium has multiple and free carpels, it is called as apocarpous gynoecium. As seen in rose, lotus, Michelia, etc. If a gynoecium has multiple carpels but fused into a single structure, it is called as syncarpous gynoecium. For example, sunflower, hibiscus, papaver, tomato etc.

In which family is Apocarpous gynoecium present?

Apocarpous gynoecium is comprised by the set of many simple pistils (consistig of only one carpel). Characteristic fruit for simple pistils is called a follicle. Such phenomenon can be observed in primitive families as Magnoliaceae or Ranunculaceae.

What is Apocarpous ovule?

Apocarpous ovary consist of free carpels. It forms aggregate of fruits. Example: custard apple, strawberry, Magnoliaceae. Syncarpous ovary consists of fused carpels. It forms a single fruit with one or many seeds.

What is the difference between Apocarpous and Syncarpous gynoecium?

The flowers with apocarpous ovary have more than one carpel. These carpels are free. The flowers with syncarpous ovary have more than one carpel. However, these carpels are fused.

Is lotus Syncarpous or Apocarpous?

When more than one carpels are present, they may be free (as in the lotus and rose) and are called apocarpous. They are termed as syncarpous when carpels are fused as in mustered and tomato.

Is Hibiscus Apocarpous and Syncarpous?

In case of Hibiscus the carpels are fused and therefore it is syncarpous.

Is Rose Apocarpous or Syncarpous?

What is called Apocarpous?

Definition of apocarpous : having the carpels of the gynoecium separate the buttercup is apocarpous —opposed to syncarpous.

What is the difference between Syncarpous and Apocarpous gynoecium?

Apocarpous: It is the gynoecium with a free pistil….Difference between apocarpous and syncarpous ovary.

Apocarpous ovary Syncarpous ovary
It forms an aggregate of fruits It forms only one fruit with one or many seeds
Apocarpous condition is seen in Ranunculus, Aconitum, etc. Eg: flowers of tomato and mustard.

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