Who created Bumfights?

Who created Bumfights?

This week, Bumfights creators Ryan McPherson (31) and Daniel Tanner (33) were arrested in Thailand for trying to mail an infant’s head and other body parts from Thailand.

Where is Ryan McPherson now?

Las Vegas
McPherson, who still resides in Las Vegas, says Willis had caught wind of the content in Bumfights about the time it was released, and, he says, began harassing him.

What did the creator of Bumfights do?

The co-creators of the “Bumfights” video series were arrested in Thailand over the weekend for allegedly packaging child body parts stolen from a hospital, and shipping them to the U.S. labeled as “toys.”

Where is Rufus from Bumfights now?

Rufus Hannah: ‘Bumfights’ participant who turned life around dies in Georgia crash.

Did the creator of BumFights go to jail?

The four filmmakers were arrested and charged with making “BumFights.” In 2003, they were placed on probation and sentenced to perform community service at a homeless shelter. Two years later, McPherson and one other defendant were sentenced to 180 days in jail for failing to perform that community service.

Why was BumFights Cancelled?

In April 2006, the four original filmmakers agreed not to produce any more Bumfights videos or distribute videos already made, and to pay three homeless men depicted in the videos, under a settlement announced shortly before a lawsuit was due to go to trial.

Who owned BumFights?

Ryen McPherson
It was produced by Ryen McPherson, with friends Zachary Bubeck, Daniel J. Tanner, and Michael Slyman, as Indecline Films. Contrary to its title, the video does not depict homeless men actually fighting, but instead a compilation of street fights caught on tape and homeless men performing in skits and stunts.

How many BumFights are there?

Six different videos have been produced in the past five years: “Bum Fights,” “Bum Fights 2,” “Bum Hunts,” “Bum Show.com,” “Bag Lady Beatings,” and “Bum Fights III.” In these videos, homeless people are coerced to perform degrading and dangerous stunts for money, alcohol, or food.

What happened to the guy who made Bumfights?

The man who turned his life around after being exploited as a homeless man in notorious “bumfights” passed away in a car accident. NBC 7’s Rory Devine speaks with those who remember the good he did while he was alive.

Why was Bumfights Cancelled?

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