How do you get the prophet out of the throne in Halo 2?

How do you get the prophet out of the throne in Halo 2?


  1. Claim the Sputnik Skull.
  2. Play through the level Regret, on any difficulty, with the skull active.
  3. Grab any explosive weapons you can find—the Needler and Fuel Rod Gun work best.
  4. Blast the Prophet of Regret with the Needler or Fuel Rod Cannon until his Gravity Throne flips over.

How do you beat the last level in Halo 2?

After Tartarus jumps down onto the platform, don’t go after him! Wait till a moving platform passes by, jump on it, and stay crouched. The moment Johnson lowers his shield, shoot him. Using a Dual Wielded Brute Plasma Rifle for this is one of the best methods to kill him without getting too close.

How do you jump the Prophet of Regret?

The gravity throne allows Regret to teleport a short distance away. The most effective way to deal with the Prophet is to jump onto his gravity throne and beat him to death with melee attacks. Energy swords will not kill the Prophet, though they can reduce the number of melee hits required to kill him.

Who is the girl talking to the Prophet in Halo?

Makee is likely a normal human girl uplifted to holy status by the Prophets’ misunderstanding of humans’ relationship with technology. Makee is set up to be a foil to Master Chief as a cog in a broken system while also discovering the truth about herself. Her fate in the new Halo series remains to be seen.

Who voices the Prophet of Regret?

Robin Atkin Downes
Born in London, England, Robin Atkin Downes is an English voice actor best known as the voice of the Prince in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Luxord in Kingdom Hearts II, Origin and Botta in Tales of Symphonia, Cyclops and Pyro in X-Men, and The Prophet of Regret in Halo 2 and in Halo Wars.

Is the Prophet of Regret still alive?

The Assassination of the Prophet of Regret was an operation carried out by UNSC forces from the Stalwart-class light frigate UNSC In Amber Clad to assassinate the Covenant High Prophet of Regret on November 2, 2552, after following the Prophet’s assault carrier Solemn Penance from Earth to Installation 05.

Why does Halo 2 end so abruptly?

Unfortunately, it’s for an all-too-common reason in this industry: They needed to hit their launch date. O’Donnell said that there was no way the team at Bungie could have hit their target date and finished everything that was planned for the conclusion, so they had to put in a cliffhanger instead.

How many times do you have to punch the Prophet of Regret?

You need to deliver twenty-five punches to kill him, which is a bit tricky, especially given the fact that infinite quantities of enemies will try to stop you and he himself will teleport away every five hits (or five seconds).

How many times do you have to hit regret?

You must jump on Regrets chair and melee him FIVE times (five teleports) before he will die on Legendary.

Is Arbiter alive in Halo Infinite?

Instead, it serves as a reminder that the Arbiter still exists within the Halo universe, despite his absence. Like most of its predecessors, Halo Infinite features dozens of Easter eggs that reference previous games, characters, and pop culture references.

Who kills the Prophet regret?

What did the Gravemind do to regret?

It was thanks to Regret that the Gravemind discovered the location of the gateway to the Ark. What remained of Regret was destroyed with the Gravemind when Installation 08 was prematurely fired by John-117 and Cortana during the Raid on Installation 08.