What gun is HBRa3?

assault rifle
The HBRa3 is a fully-automatic assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Is the HBRa3 good?

HBRa3 is in assault rifle class of COD Mobile, HBRa3 has high damage, fast fire rate, and really good accuracy, the gun has low recoil and can shoot long range as well, overall a very good gun to use. HBRa3 is now the best gun in COD Mobile Season 4.

What is the HBRa3 based on?

The “HBRa3” appears to be a reworking of the CZ 805 BREN model from Ghosts; the resulting weapon seems to take a lot of visual cues from the Robinson Armament XCR.

What is HBR in cod mobile?

Highlights of the Story. CoD Mobile Season 3 will be called Radical Raid and is all set to land on March 30, 2022 at 5:30 AM IST. The AK-47 will receive a massive buff via a new attachment called GRU Combo Grip. We will also get to see a new gun called MAC-10, new Battle Pass skins, a Snoop Dogg character skin and more …

What is the best gun in cod mobile?

Best Guns In COD Mobile Season 13

  • Peacemaker MK2. These best guns in cod mobile have 50 damage, a quick shoot rate, incredible precision, and high portability, making them the favoured weapon for players who play with aggression.
  • DR-H.
  • LK-24.
  • KN-44.
  • GKS.
  • QQ9.
  • RUS-79U.
  • QXR.

Is Locus a good sniper?

In short, the Locus is perhaps the best sniper rifle to use in Search and Destroy. Here are some Perk combinations you can use to maximize mobility and give you the edge in-game: Lightweight – Toughness – High Alert.

What is the fastest ads sniper in CoD Mobile?

The best Quick Scope Sniper in COD Mobile The outlaw on the other hand has the fastest ADS time but there are some drawback to this sniper. If you are a new players who like to get into trick shot or quick shot we recommend to start with the locus, because the Outlaw accuracy is a bit tough.

Is the ICR-1 GOOD COD mobile?

ICR-1 is an assault rifle that has extremely high accuracy, medium fire rate and good damage, with fully equipped attachment you barely notice the recoil of the gun. ICR-1 is the second new weapons in COD Mobile.

What gun is the ICR 1 in real life?

Presumably meant as a successor to the Heckler & Koch HK416-based “ICR-1” from Black Ops III, the “ICR-7” appears to be a mixture of the aforementioned HK416 with H&K’s subsequent rifle design, the HK433. It uses 5.56mm ammunition in Blackout, with a non-upgradable 35-round capacity.

Which scope is best for Locus?

Best Locus loadout in COD Mobile

  • Barrel: YKM Lightweight Short.
  • Optic: 4x Tactical Scope.
  • Stock: OWC Skeleton Stock.
  • Ammunition: OWC Stopping Power Reload.
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape.

Who is the best Codm player?

Boris ‘BoLu’ Lunin. BoLu is a real, honest CODM World Champion – there aren’t many others that can stake a claim to that title. At the tail end of 2021, BoLu secured the top spot in the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, picking up a sizeable portion of the $300k grand prize.

What is the fastest scope in COD Mobile?

The best Quick Scope Sniper in COD Mobile If you are a very aggressive players, running around chasing that adrenaline quick scope kills faster than your eyes can see, the Locus and Outlaw might be the best Sniper for you. The locus has a very fast ADS time which make quick scope shots very convenient for players.

Is Outlaw better than dlq33?

For MP dlq33 →locus →outlaw. Locus might seem to be thrashing dlq33 on paper but it gets a lot of hit markers while dlq33 guarantees the kill in one shot. As for the outlaw it has the ig the quickest ads time and if your aim is electric then definitely give it a try for aggressive sniping a bit better than locus.

Is the ICR a wall weapon?

The ICR-1 appears in Zombies, where it can be obtained from the Mystery Box as well as a wall buy in Verrückt, Zetsubou No Shima, Kino Der Toten, Origins and Gorod Krovi for 1500 points. It sports itself as an above average wall weapon, featuring a stable fire rate, dependable damage and a reliable accuracy.

What is the fastest killing gun in COD Mobile?

Fastest killing close-range weapon in CoD Mobile BobbyPlays revealed that the Peacekeeper with the Rapid Fire Barrel has the fastest close-range TTK of any CoD Mobile weapon. With only the Rapid Fire Barrel attached, it can kill a player in only 162ms out to eight meters, which is almost instant.