Which auto rickshaw is best for mileage?

Which auto rickshaw is best for mileage?

Piaggio Ape E-city The Piaggio app e-city is the best option available in electric rickshaws. Apart from this, it offers the best mileage at 1.97 lakhs.

Which is the best mileage auto rickshaw in India?

Piaggio Ape Auto DX

  • Power 9.39 hp.
  • GVW 780.
  • Mileage 30.
  • Engine 599.
  • Fuel Tank 10.5.
  • Payload 560.

Which automatic transmission is best for city traffic?

AGS by Maruti Suzuki is the best transmission for City driving conditions – its comfortable, convenient, fuel-efficient, easy to drive and affordable too. AGS is available across 7 of its car models. Traffic in our cities is getting worse with each day.

How much mileage does an auto give?

Mean Vehicle Specs

Title Specs
Fuel tank capacity 8 liters (2 gal) including 1.4 liters reserve
Kerb weight 272 kg (598 pounds)
Mileage within a city 18 to 20 km/liter (45 mpg)
Mileage on the highway 25 km/liter (60 mpg)

What is the mileage of Piaggio ape?

Piaggio Ape Auto DX Specifications

Number of Tyre 3
GVW 753 kg
Mileage 30 kmpl
Engine 230.7 cc
Fuel Tank 20.6 Ltr

Which company has best automatic transmission?

The 10 Best Automatic Transmission Cars Of 2020

  • Hyundai Santro (AMT) Hyundai Santro.
  • Maruti Suzuki Baleno (CVT) Maruti Suzuki Baleno | BS6 Cars you can buy right now.
  • Kia Sonet (DCT)
  • Ford Ecosport (Torque Converter)
  • Volkswagen Vento/Polo (Torque Converter)
  • Honda City (CVT)
  • Hyundai Creta (DCT)
  • Toyota Yaris (CVT)

Which engine is used in auto-rickshaw?

Mean Vehicle Specs

Title Specs
Wheel base 2000 mm (78.74 in)
Engine Single Cylinder, Two stroke forced air cooled
Displacement 145.45 cc
Max. Net Power 7.00 HP @ 5000 rpm

How much does a Piaggio Ape cost?

That’s right, kids. The electric version of the Piaggio Ape — the most desirable version, in many ways! — is one of the least expensive, coming in at the equivalent of $2800. When you consider the fact that the 435cc single-cylinder Ape Plus diesel costs about $3500, it makes the E-City look even better.