Who does Wesker turn into?

Who does Wesker turn into?

Legacy. While Albert Wesker perished in his final encounter with Chris Redfield, he has left behind a legacy in the form of a young man known as Jake Muller. About five years before the Mansion Incident, Wesker sired a son with an unknown woman from the small European nation of Edonia.

What did Wesker inject himself with?

the virus
Only two of the thirteen remaining test subjects survived: Albert Wesker and Alex Wesker, having survived largely due to special genetic markers. Wesker injecting himself with the virus. Albert had injected the virus on July 24, 1998, during the Mansion Incident. The virus was given to him by William Birkin.

Did Wesker know about Jake?

Muller was born in a single-parent household in Edonia. Previously an emigre to the United States, Muller’s mother returned to her home country pregnant, having broken up with her partner Dr. Albert Wesker, then an Umbrella intelligence agent, who was unaware of his son.

What is Wesker’s real name?

Albert Wesker is a major character in the Resident Evil series of survival horror games.

Why does Wesker have red eyes?

Wesker’s glowing Red Cat-like eyes pupils due the Prototype virus. Wesker after the Uroboros virus infection. Once Wesker became infected with Prototype virus, the only physical change he had was in his eyes, whose pupils narrowed and took on the appearance of slits while the color changed to a yellow or red hue.

What was Wesker’s real name?

Who are the Wesker kids?

Albert Wesker and Alex Wesker.

Was Wesker created?

Dr. Oswell Spencer started the Wesker Project, a Utopian ideal to create a race of gods that would replace humans as the next stage in evolution. Wesker interiting good genes from his parents made him an ideal specimen and he was taken away at an early age and to be provided for.

Did Wesker have T-virus?

To better his chances of survival, Wesker was provided with a mutant t-Virus strain designed to mutate his body to further his strength and stamina.

What virus did Wesker take?

Wesker returns in Resident Evil 5 conspiring with the pharmaceutical division of the TRICELL conglomerate as a means to create the “Uroboros virus”, an enhanced virus derived from the Progenitor virus, with which he ultimately plans to release into the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Who can see my items in Resident Evil 5?

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This is a simple guide, giving you information on just about everything you can unlock in Resident Evil 5, and how to unlock them.

Why is Resident Evil 5 so popular?

With an absolutely ridiculous plot, over-the-top boss fights, and some memorable boulder punching scenes, despite its controversies, Resident Evil 5 is a classic action horror game with a lot of replayability. One of the best features of RE5 is that it also offers unlockable features that change up gameplay and keep things fresh.

How do you get figurines in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition?

Desperate Escape – Purchase Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition / Biohazard 5 Gold Edition and complete the game. Figurines are collectables that can be bought within the Bonus Features menu with points that you earn throughout completing chapters, or finishing games in The Mercenaries.