Who is the female singer in NeverEnding Story?

Who is the female singer in NeverEnding Story?

Beth Anderson
Anderson performed background vocals for Limahl’s No. 1 hit “The NeverEnding Story”, the theme song for the 1984 eponymous film, though she was not credited as a featured artist….Beth Anderson (singer)

Beth Anderson
Genres Pop
Occupation(s) Singer Voice actress
Years active 1983-present
Labels Casablanca Records

Did Mandy Newton sing NeverEnding Story?

In The Neverending Story music video, Limahl (Christopher Hamill) is accompanied by actress Mandy Newton, who lip syncs the words sung by Beth Anderson.

Who scored The NeverEnding Story?

The music for The Neverending Story has a strange and complicated history. The original German cut of the film received a fairly traditional orchestral score by composer Klaus Doldinger, a jazz specialist who had already scored numerous films in Europe, including Das Boot for Peterson four years previously.

What movies was the song never ending story in?

“Never Ending Story” is the title song from the English version of the 1984 film The NeverEnding Story. It was produced and composed by Italian musician Giorgio Moroder and performed by Limahl.

What kind of horse was Artax in The NeverEnding Story?

American Champion Thoroughbred racehorse
Artax (1995–2012) was an American Champion Thoroughbred racehorse. He was named after a horse featured in the children’s fantasy novel “The Neverending Story”.

Who sang the NeverEnding story with Limahl?

LimahlNever Ending Story / Artist

Where is limahl now?

Singer Limahl rose to fame in the 1980s as lead singer of pop group Kajagoogoo before launching his solo career. Now 61, he lives with Steve, his partner of 26 years, in Hertfordshire.

What name did Bastian call?

We are given to think he yelled out his late mother’s name, so why wouldn’t we hear it? In the novel by Michael Ende that inspired the movie, Bastian yells “Moonchild,” but how many suburban mothers in 1984 were named “Moonchild”?

Who sang The NeverEnding Story with Limahl?

Why did Atreyu singer quit?

Back in August, Varkatzas expressed his desire to start a new metal project amidst rumors he was leaving the group. He said he wanted to be in a “super heavy metal band” with “some sick Swedish riffs” and “super heavy breakdowns.” His comments could have meant that he no longer liked Atreyu’s music.

Is the horse that played Artax still alive?

Artax died on January 8, 2012 in an equine hospital in Brazil due to complications from colic.

How old is Limahl?

63 years (December 19, 1958)Limahl / Age

Is Limahl in a relationship?