Who won Naseem vs Barrera?

Who won Naseem vs Barrera?

boxer Muhammad Waseem
Pakistan’s star professional boxer Muhammad Waseem outclassed Colombia’s Rober Barrera to clinch the WBC Silver Title Belt in WBA world title eliminator flyweight match on Friday in Dubai. In a thrilling boxing encounter between the two, Waseem won with the scores of 115-113, 115-114 and 117-111.

Why did Barrera and Morales hate each other?

While hostility between boxers can sometimes be manufactured to help create interest, Morales and Barrera had a genuine dislike for each other. They were different in their methods—Morales was a tall, talented puncher, while Barrera was a short, stout boxer who loved to work up close.

Why did Morales and Barrera hate each other?

How many fights Morales vs Barrera?

Morales and Barrera were set to face one another on Jan. 15 in Dallas, but the former contracted COVID-19. Morales and Barrera fought three times in four years in highly entertaining and close fights.

Are Barrera and Morales friends?

Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera are buddies long after a rivalry as contentious and bitter as any in boxing’s modern history. But there they were, old enemies in an alliance as unlikely as ever at Caesars Palace. Barrera introduced Morales, one of nine fighters inducted to the Nevada Hall Saturday night.

Who won Pacquiao Barrera 3?

On This Day: Manny Pacquiao stuns the boxing world by thrashing Marco Antonio Barrera. MANNY PACQUIAO first became known outside of the hardcore boxing fans with a devastating performance to stop Marco Antonio Barrera in the 11th round of their encounter on the 15th November 2003.

Who won Marquez vs Morales?

They have won between 64 and 75 percent of fights against titleholders (Morales 15-5, 75 percent; Barrera 18-7, 72 percent; Marquez 9-4-1, 64 percent). Barrera and Morales are both 2-4 against their counterparts among the trio plus Manny Pacquiao. Marquez is 1-1-1.