Can you grow love-in-a-mist in containers?

Can you grow love-in-a-mist in containers?

Love in a Mist can be grown in containers as well as in the ground. You can even get a headstart with container planting by starting seeds indoors.

Is love-in-a-mist a perennial?

Love-in-a-Mist is a hardy annual with fine, threadlike leaves and charming 1½ in. flowers at the end of each branch. An excellent cut flower, Love-in-a-Mist forms interesting horned seed capsules which are beautiful in dried arrangements.

Is love-in-a-mist invasive?

Love in a mist produces tons of flowers per plant. While you could deadhead to extend the flowering season, I wouldn’t bother as the seed pods are radical and beautiful in their own right. If you do not deadhead, be aware that Nigella damascena can be a rampant self-sower, leading to invasive behavior in garden beds.

How long does it take love-in-a-mist to bloom from seed?

about three months
Thin the seedlings to 8-10″ between plants when large enough to handle. The plants should begin blooming about three months after planting.

How long does it take love-in-a-mist to bloom?

Their normal flowering period is July to September with flowers lasting for about 8 weeks. If you want earlier flowers, you can sow in the autumn. However, they will need to be grown in a cold frame or something similar, before planting out in the border.

Does Love in the Mist Self seed?

The seeds are ripe and ready when the pod turns brown and papery. Alternatively, just leave the plants in situ and they’re likely to self-seed, with the feathery green-leaved seedlings standing over winter and blooming early the following summer.

Is love-in-a-mist toxic?

Most members of the buttercup family, including love-in-a-mist, are poisonous. That being said, Nigella damascena are considered only slightly poisonous. Nonetheless, you should never consume the whole plant.

When should you plant love in the mist seeds?

The seeds can be sown any time from March to September. Between April and August they can be sown directly into the garden soil. However, if sowing at any other time, you need to start sowing undercover. Their normal flowering period is July to September with flowers lasting for about 8 weeks.

Why is it called love-in-a-mist?

In truth, though, this annual is simply called love-in-a-most because of its bright blue flowers that seem to float in a mist of fine, feathery light green foliage.

Is love in the mist a wildflower?

They flower from May to July. The leaves are very finely divided and they encircle the flower like a feathery green collar, giving it the ‘mist’ part of the name….Information on Love-in-a-mist.

Common Name: Love-in-a-mist
Scientific Name: Nigella damascena
Irish Name: Nigéal
Family Group: Ranunculaceae

What can I plant with love in the mist?

Growing Nigella in the garden, also known as love in a mist plant (Nigella damascena), offers an interesting, peek-a-boo flower to be glimpsed through showy bracts. Care of love in a mistflower is easy, and its interesting blooms well worth the effort.

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