What is the palace of Persepolis?

What is the palace of Persepolis?

Founded by Darius I in 518 B.C., Persepolis was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. It was built on an immense half-artificial, half-natural terrace, where the king of kings created an impressive palace complex inspired by Mesopotamian models.

What was the palace of Persepolis used for?

Apadana Palace is the oldest palace of Persepolis. The Palace was built by the order of Darius the Great and has the same name as Apadana Palace in Susa. The palace was used for Nowruz celebrations and reception of foreign representatives.

Is Persepolis a real place?

Persepolis is near the small river Pulvar, which flows into the Kur River. The site includes a 125,000 square meter terrace, partly artificially constructed and partly cut out of a mountain, with its east side leaning on Rahmat Mountain.

What is Persepolis called today?

Persepolis, Old Persian Parsa, modern Takht-e Jamshīd or Takht-i Jamshīd (Persian: “Throne of Jamshīd,” Jamshīd being a character in Persian mythology), an ancient capital of the kings of the Achaemenian dynasty of Iran (Persia), located about 30 miles (50 km) northeast of Shīrāz in the Fars region of southwestern Iran …

Why is Persepolis Banned in Iran?

The reasons for the ban were initially unclear, which led the district CEO to send an email claiming that the book was intended to be removed only from classrooms due to “graphic language and images that are not appropriate for general use.” Fortunately, the book was approved for grade 11 classrooms.

What happened to the city of Persepolis?

After Darius III’s defeat, Alexander marched to the Persian capital city of Persepolis and, after looting its treasures, burned the great palace and surrounding city to the ground, destroying hundreds of years’ worth of religious writings and art along with the magnificent palaces and audience halls which had made …

How was Persepolis destroyed?

Is Persepolis still banned in Chicago?

The award-winning graphic novel Persepolis is no longer allowed to be taught to seventh graders in Chicago.

Why is Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi banned?

Persepolis remains banned from CPS classrooms below grade 8. As Chicago students themselves pointed out, the few panels in Persepolis depicting torture techniques that were used on Iranian dissidents are no more graphic than images encountered while studying other true events such as the Holocaust or slavery.

Did Alexander burn Persepolis?

In 330 BC the soldiers of Alexander the Great, inspired by Thaïs of Athens, burned down the splendid palaces in Persepolis. 1 This outrageous action was reported by Diodorus Siculus, Arrian, Plutarch and some other authors. 2 Arrian (An. 3.18.

Why is it called Persepolis?

Definition. Persepolis was the capital of the Persian Achaemenid Empire from the reign of Darius I (the Great, r. 522-486 BCE) until its destruction in 330 BCE. Its name comes from the Greek Perses-polis (Persian City), but the Persians knew it as Parsa (City of the Persians).

Why is Persepolis banned in US?

Was Persepolis banned in the US?

Although it was certainly controversial in the Middle East, there were no publicly reported challenges or bans of the book in U.S. schools or libraries until March 2013, when Chicago Public Schools administrators abruptly pulled it from some classrooms.

Is Persepolis still banned in Iran?

In 2014 Persepolis was the second most challenged book on the American Library Association’s list of frequently challenged books. The book and film is banned in Iran, and the film was temporarily banned in Lebanon, but the ban was rescinded due to public outrage.

Why was Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi banned?

Why is Persepolis banned in the US?

Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the superintendent of Chicago’s public schools moved to ban the book from libraries and classroom instruction. Byrd-Bennett claimed that the book was socially offensive, vulgar and promoted controversial racial and political issues.

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