Where is Thomann located?

Where is Thomann located?

Bavaria, Germany
Hans Thomann Sr., founded the company sixty-eight years ago (in 1954) as a family business in Treppendorf — part of the village of Burgebrach, in Bavaria, Germany — where the Musikhaus Thomann headquarters endures today (2022).

How do I call Thomann?

Service & After Sales

Email Phone
Hotline [email protected] +44-3333360099
Returns, Repairs and Damages [email protected] +49-9546-9223-476
Service Center Management [email protected] +49-9546-9223-476

Where is Thomann UK located?

Company Description: THOMANN UK LTD is located in LONDON, United Kingdom and is part of the Sporting Goods, Hobby, and Musical Instrument Stores Industry.

Does Thomann have a UK warehouse?

Europe’s Largest Warehouse – Thomann UK. Served with love!

Is Thomann a UK company?

As many of you probably already know, Thomann is a German musical instruments store located in Germany.

Is Thomann open today?

On normal working days our shop is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:30 and on Saturday from 09:30 to 16:00. If you can’t come by in person, you are welcome to visit our online shop.?

Is Thomann warranty good?

Your purchases at Thomann are backed by our 3-year warranty, i.e. we extend the manufacturer’s warranty period (usually 12 months) to a full 36 months – at our own cost and there’s no extra charge for you!

Do Thomann ship from the UK?

The short answer is always, YES! Thomann has been always able to ship products to the UK before or after Brexit.

Where are Thomann instruments made?

The Thomann Company — Supplying the World with Musical Instruments | Made in Germany | DW | 29.05.

How long is shipping from Thomann?

If items are available and in stock, we can usually send them immediately, all other delivery times are confirmed delivery times from our suppliers, this means if the delivery status shows “2-3 days”, the product should arrive in our warehouse within 2-3 days.

Does Thomann ship from UK?

Does Thomann charge tax?

Deliveries within Germany will be charged at the local German VAT rate. Deliveries to EU countries will be charged at their local VAT rate (where applicable). Due to the turnover of our company, EU law requires Musikhaus Thomann to charge the local VAT rate of all EU countries.

How do I cancel an order with Thomann?

Log into your account, and go to “My orders”. From there, you should see it and click on “details” or something. There should be the name of the employee in charge of your order. Mail them and ask for a cancel.

Does Thomann pay return shipping?

Within the first 14 days after receiving the goods, the return is free of charge. Simple. However, we do ask that you to please contact us under any circumstance prior to the return. But during the following 16 days, the costs for the return from abroad are to be paid for by the customer.

How long is Thomann warranty?

Do you have to pay import on Thomann?

If you require your order to be shipped to a country within the EU, then the answer is no! 🙂 The total price we quote you includes the relevant local VAT rate for that country and no more taxes or import duties are necessary.

Where is Harley Benton located?

Harley Benton is a house brand for a line of music instruments and equipment produced by original equipment manufacturers, mostly in China and other Far East nations, for Musikhaus Thomann, a large multinational importer and mail-order retailer based in Bavaria, Germany.

Is Thomann next day delivery?

I’ve had extrememly variable delivery performance from Thomann. Orders are almost universally sent out next business day, on occasions even same day.

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