Did Bobby Goldsboro write the song Honey?

Did Bobby Goldsboro write the song Honey?

“Honey”, also known as “Honey (I Miss You)”, is a song written by Bobby Russell. He first produced it with former Kingston Trio member Bob Shane, who was the first to release the song….Honey (Bobby Goldsboro song)

Recorded January 30, 1968
Studio RCA Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Genre Country
Length 3:55

When did Bobby Goldsboro Honey?

When Bobby Goldsboro released “Honey” for his 1968 album of the same name, it immediately and immensely became popular. It sold a million copies in its first three weeks, making it the fastest-selling record in the history of United Artists. “Honey” was by far the biggest of Goldsboro’s career.

Was the song Honey a true story?

In 1968, Goldsboro told NME: “I think ‘Honey’ is a very emotional song, but it’s not like what I call a sick song, a death song. Actually what it is, very simply, is just a guy remembering little things that happened while his wife was alive and to me that’s not sick at all.”

Who wrote the Bobby Goldsboro song Honey?

Bobby RussellHoney / ComposerBobby Russell was an American singer and songwriter. Between 1966 and 1973, he had five singles on the Hot Country Songs charts, including the crossover pop hit “Saturday Morning Confusion”. Russell was married to singer and actress Vicki Lawrence from 1972 to 1974. Wikipedia

Who sang Honey first?

Bobby GoldsboroHoney / Artist

Was Bobby Goldsboro ever married?

Dianne Goldsborom. 1985
Mary Alice Watsonm. 1962–1982
Bobby Goldsboro/Spouse

Is Bobby Goldsboro still married?

Goldsboro divorced Mary Alice Watson Goldsboro in 1982 in a bitter divorce that almost ruined Goldsboro’s image as a clean-cut all-American boy. He married Dianne J. Goldsboro on April 11, 1985.

Who made the song Honey famous?

Honey (Mariah Carey song)

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Producer(s) Carey Combs The Ummah Stevie J
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