Did Ronaldo win League with Inter Milan?

Did Ronaldo win League with Inter Milan?

One of the finest strikers to have come from the goldmine of talent that is the Netherlands, he too has never won the Champions League. Having played for Ajax, Inter Milan and Arsenal, his biggest achievement in European competition was winning the UEFA Cup twice (with Ajax and Inter).

Who has scored the most goals for Inter Milan?

Luigi Cevenini
Inter Milan’s top flight top goalscorers

Rank Player Goals
1 Luigi Cevenini 35
2 Antonio Valentín Angelillo 33
3 Emilio Agradi 31
Luigi Cevenini

How many goals did Ronaldo Nazario score?

Ronaldo played for Brazil in 98 matches, scoring 62 goals and is the third-highest goalscorer for his national team….Ronaldo (Brazilian footballer)

Men’s Football
Representing Brazil
Olympics Games
1996 Atlanta Team

Who is Inter Milan penalty taker?

Lautaro Martínez
Inter Milan

Date player verein_id_g
May 1, 2022 Lautaro Martínez Centre-Forward 39′
Apr 3, 2022 Hakan Calhanoglu Central Midfield 45′
Dec 12, 2021 Lautaro Martínez Centre-Forward 44′
Dec 1, 2021 Lautaro Martínez Centre-Forward 58′

Who’s better r9 or cr7?

Two of the greatest football players in history share the ‘Ronaldo’ name but opinions are split as to which one was superior. But according to Christian Vieri, Ronaldo Nazario was way better than Cristiano Ronaldo despite the Portuguese superstar winning five Ballon d’Ors and scoring over 800 career goals.

Who is better Messi or R9?

An all time great who won two World Cups, two Copa Americas, two LaLiga titles and scored 295 goals in 452 games, ‘R9’ is ahead of Messi and his namesake.

What is ronaldos best season?

Ronaldo is the greatest player in Real Madrid history, scoring 450 goals in 438 games and achieving feats no one else has managed. His season in 2014-15, whilst not the most fruitful in terms of trophies, was his best in terms of output, racking up extraordinary goal and assist numbers.

Who takes free kicks for Inter?

Free Kick takers (21/22)

Team Freekicks
Inter Çalhanoğlu
Juventus Dybala , Cuadrado
Lazio Milinkovic-Savic
Milan Florenzi, Hernandez

Who is Juventus penalty taker?

Penalty takers

player Penalty Penalty rate
Juventus FC
Leonardo Bonucci Centre-Back 3 100.0 %
Paulo Dybala Second Striker 2 50.0 %
Álvaro Morata Centre-Forward 1 100.0 %

Who is the original Ronaldo?

Luis Nazario Da Lima
Luis Nazario Da Lima, better known as “Ronaldo,” was the original Ronaldo and was also known as Ronaldo the phenomenon, such was his astonishing ability. He was named FIFA World Player of the Year three times—in 1996, 1997 and remarkably, five years later in 2002, a clear testament to his phenomenal gifts.

Who was better Ronaldo or Ronaldo?