How many missions are there in Tomb Raider Anniversary?

How many missions are there in Tomb Raider Anniversary?

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a single-player action-adventure game where the player controls the protagonist, Lara Croft, from a third-person perspective, through fourteen levels set across four locations around the world.

How do you do the swan dive in Tomb Raider Anniversary?

To swan dive off a high cliff or ledge into water, start moving forward toward the edge and then press Jump followed immediately by Crouch. Lara can also swan dive on dry land, as long as the terrain is even and the drop is not too far. She’ll hit the ground, tuck and roll.

Does Rise of the Tomb Raider have cheats?

Even more hidden than the tombs and collectables are a few Rise of the Tomb Raider cheats and secrets.

How do you do a forward or swan dive in Tomb Raider?

How to do a forward or swan dive in Tomb Raider: To dive, you stand on the red markings of a diving platform, jump forward and immediately hit the L trigger. If you press too late, Lara will jump in feet first. If you did it correctly, she’ll do a swan dive.

Is Tomb Raider: Anniversary hard?

Anniversary wasnt difficult and it wasnt easiest neither – easy but not easiest. It had a few hard points, like those moving knifes on the walls and those centaurs in Tomb of Tihocan….it was hard at the first, but when you figured it out it was so easy.

Should I play Tomb Raider Anniversary or Legend first?

In terms of chronological order, Anniversary takes place in 1996. Then it’s Legend, and then Underworld. Look at it this way.

Does Rise of the Tomb Raider have multiple endings?

One is the official ending, which plays when you beat the game, wait through the credits, and watch the cutscene that plays afterwards. The second “unofficial” ending is played by doing the exact same thing but by not having the Day 1 patch installed on your game.

How do you unlock outfits in Rise of the Tomb Raider?

Simply go to the weapons section at a base camp and head to the clothing tab to switch Lara’s outfit. However, when you first reach that page, you might not have a lot of options. After all, the game doesn’t just hand you every set of clothing straight away.