How many Night Vale books are there?

How many Night Vale books are there?

We search the most popular review sites and give you one score you can trust! The Welcome to Night Vale series consist of 3 humorous books written by Joseph Fink .

Is the Welcome to Night Vale book the same as the podcast?

Unlike the podcast, the novel is narrated from an omniscient viewpoint that follows Jackie Fierro, the owner of Night Vale’s pawn shop, and Diane Crayton, the treasurer of the town’s PTA. The audiobook version of the story is narrated by Cecil Baldwin, Dylan Marron, Retta, Thérèse Plummer, and Dan Bittner.

Is Welcome to Night Vale still going?

The series was created in 2012 by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Published by Night Vale Presents since March 15, 2015, the podcast was previously published by Commonplace Books….

Welcome to Night Vale
Original release June 15, 2012 – present

Is Night Vale a real place?

Luckily, Night Vale is a fictional town drawn from the minds of its writers and creators, Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink, rather than a real-life clandestine community tucked away in a corner of Area 51.

How many listeners does Welcome to Night Vale have?

Night Vale Presents podcasts are downloaded over 5 million times per month and are listened to in almost every country in the world.

How scary is Welcome to Night Vale?

Fink said he’s dealt with “debilitating anxiety” in his own life, and thinks Welcome to Night Vale gives people a model to deal with fear. “Night Vale is this very scary town. People die in Night Vale constantly. There’s literal monsters in Night Vale, but everyone in Night Vale just gets on with their lives.

Is Welcome to Night Vale OK for kids?

We write our shows to be inclusive of all ages. On rare occasions, venues are not flexible on 18+ age restrictions. Check the ticket sales page of a specific performance to see. But again, this is rare, as we do our best to work in all ages venues.

How old is Night Vale?

Night Vale was founded in 1745. Four groups of settlers had come to the site of Night Vale then left.

How old is Cecil from Night Vale?

In them, fifteen-year-old Cecil describes his internship at Night Vale Community Radio, his family’s odd behavior, and an experience that presumably fueled his adult self’s fear of mirrors–none of which said adult self, present Cecil sitting in his booth, can remember, as he repeatedly states.

How old is Esteban WTNV?

3 years old
In “A Spy in The Desert” It is first revealed that Cecil and Carlos have a son named Esteban. In February of 2021 they took a family trip to Redwood Remains State Park, and while recounting the events on the radio Cecil describes Esteban as having two loving fathers. As of “It Sticks With You” he is 3 years old.

What is the haunting of Night Vale?

The Haunting of Night Vale, starring Cecil Baldwin, Symphony Sanders, Kate Jones and featuring original music by Disparition will return to stages across the world in ’22. Please note these are considered entirely new events, even though they may be occurring at the same venues as our previously cancelled dates.

Why is Tanis called Auntie?

In season four, one of the actors in Tanis’s crew asked Horn if his character could call her ‘“Auntie,” which she ran by Keeso and Tierney. The suggestion solidified the family vibe among the Indigenous crew on the show, and became a part of Horn’s character’s identity.

Who voices tad strange?

Cecil Baldwin
Cecil Baldwin is an American voice actor and is best known for voicing Cecil Palmer in Welcome to Night Vale. In Gravity Falls, Cecil voiced Tad Strange.

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