What do wheel spacers do on a 4Runner?

What do wheel spacers do on a 4Runner?

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers (1.25″) – Wider stance on 5th Gen 4Runner. If you are looking to push your wheels out a bit further, and widen your stance, the Spidertrax Wheel Spacers are a good option. There is a reason why these spacers are the go-to option.

How much does it cost to get spacers installed?

The cost of installing a wheel spacer depends on the type of spacer you want to buy, your location, and your mechanic. The average price of installing wheel spacers should be between $120 to $250. The spacer should cost around $80 to $150, while the service charge should be about $50 to $100.

Are wheel spacers visible?

Yup, you can see them, unless your wheels have outside bolted on center cap that will cover them: Edit: Just noticed you are running stock.

Will tire shops install wheel spacers?

They will not install wheels and tires on a vehicle that has spacers, because of the liability, and that should apply to all of their stores across the country, Just a FYI……………..:thumb: WF LIFE TIME MEMBER….

What should wheel spacers be torqued to?

The instructions / parameters that come with the wheel spacers recommend a torque setting of 83 ft lbs of toque. Porsche recommends the bolts that pass through the wheels tighten to 118 ft lbs.

Do wheel spacers ruin bearings?

Secondly, installing wheel spacers on a car increases the leverage on the wheel bearing. The larger the spacer, the larger the leverage becomes. This reduces the life of the wheel bearing as they are not made to take leverage forces and can therefore wear faster, increasing rolling resistance and power loss of the car.

Do spacers void warranty?

they shouldn’t have an effect on your warranty. the dealer would have to PROVE the spacer caused the failure, which he really can’t do. We’re talking WHEEL BEARING WARRANTY folks, not the entire warranty.

How much does it cost to install wheel spacers?

Do wheel spacers hurt ball joints?

Wheel spacers will and do put extra stress on your ball joints & wheel bearings.