What happened to the volksdeutsche?

What happened to the volksdeutsche?

In many cases, the resulting population transfers resulted in resettlement of Volksdeutsche on land previously held by ethnic Poles or Jews in now German-occupied territories. The agreement formally defined the border between Germany and the Soviet Union areas between the Igorka River and the Baltic Sea.

What are ethnic German resettlers?

Ethnic German resettlers are descendants of Germans from the former Soviet Union and other countries in Eastern Europe who have established their residence in Germany by means of a special acceptance process.

What does the word volksdeutsche mean?

: a person of German ethnic origin long settled in a central or east European country, repatriated for political reasons by the Nazi regime, and expelled into West Germany after World II.

How many ethnic Germans were killed after ww2?

Between 1944 and 1950, these expulsions resulted in the deaths of over half a million ethnic Germans, with some experts claiming a death toll in excess of two million. Deaths resulted from a variety of causes, including but not limited to malnutrition, disease, physical violence, and time spent in internment camps.

Did malarkey really meet a German soldier from Oregon?

Marie-du-Monte, Malarkey engaged in a conversation with a German POW soldier from Eugene, Oregon who had joined the Germans after his family ‘answered the call’ for all ‘true Aryans’ to return to the Fatherland.

What happened to Germany’s gold after ww2?

It is estimated that nearly 91 tonnes (100 short tons) of Nazi gold were laundered through Swiss banks, with only 3.6 tonnes (4 short tons) being returned at the end of the war.

How many German ethnic Germans are there?

It is estimated that there are between 100 and 150 million Germans today, most of whom live in Germany, where they constitute the majority of the population.

How many Poles killed by Stalin?

From 1945 to 1948, the Soviets deported to forced labor or concentration camps in the Soviet Union from 3,000,000 to 6,000,000 Poles, of which 585,000 may have died. Hundreds of thousands and possibly near 1,000,000 Poles were killed in Soviet terror and repression.

Who was the most decorated soldier in Easy Company?

Donald Malarkey
Service/branch United States Army
Years of service 1942–1945
Rank Technical Sergeant
Unit Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division

What race is a German?

“Germans are a Germanic (or Teutonic) people that are indigenous to Central Europe… Germanic tribes have inhabited Central Europe since at least Roman times, but it was not until the early Middle Ages that a distinct German ethnic identity began to emerge.”