What is Chapter 464 of the Florida Statutes?

What is Chapter 464 of the Florida Statutes?

464: Nursing. Chapter 464, part I, contains Florida’s Nurse Practice Act. The laws contained in it provide safe parameters within which to work, as well as provisions intended to protect patients from unprofessional and unsafe nursing practice.

Can LPN change PICC line dressing in Florida?

A LPN may perform dressing changes on peripheral venous sites, and PICC lines, but not on arterial infusions, or sub-clavian infusion.

What is the main purpose of the nurse practice Act?

The NPA exists to regulate and protect the public from practitioners who are a risk to the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens within its state board jurisdiction. This protection principle is accomplished by assessing competence at initial licensure and throughout the career of the nurse.

What can registered nurses do in Florida?

The advanced practice registered nurse may perform specific actions; i.e., nursing diagnosis, nursing treatment, medical diagnosis and treatment, prescription, and operate according to authorization within the guidelines of an established protocol of supervision.

Can a nurse refuse an assignment?

The American Nurses Association (ANA) upholds that registered nurses – based on their professional and ethical responsibilities – have the professional right to accept, reject or object in writing to any patient assignment that puts patients or themselves at serious risk for harm.

What can nurses do independently?

10 ideas for a self-employed RN

  • Provide independent care. You might provide individual in-home care for patients as a self-employed nurse.
  • Work as a nursing consultant.
  • Develop products for nurses.
  • Provide health counseling.
  • Provide fitness advising.
  • Teach health courses.
  • Work as a freelance writer.
  • Work as nurse contractor.

Can LPNs draw blood from a PICC line?

(6) It is within the scope of LPN practice to perform peripheral venipuncture (to start IV or draw blood), flush peripheral, PICC and central lines for the purpose of ensuring patency if the following occurs: a. The LPN completes an annual instructional program on the initiation of peripheral IV. b.

Who can draw blood from a PICC line?

Blood draws via a central line catheter (PICC, subclavian, tunneled) require a written physician’s order. 2. Peripheral-midline catheters should not be used for routine blood drawing.

Which factors are defined by the nurse practice acts?

The Nurse Practice Acts are the laws that define the boundaries of the nursing practice. These define educational requirements for nurses, expanded nursing roles, and the differences between nursing and medical practice.

What is a state nurse practice act is an example of?

Written law by legislators. A legislative body enacts statutory law. Statutory laws must be in keeping with both the federal constitution and the state constitution. Nurse Practice Acts are an example of statutory laws.

What city in Florida pays nurses the most?

West Palm Beach
Highest paying cities in Florida for registered nurses The area where registered nurses are paid the highest is West Palm Beach, where the average RNs salary is $74,220 and 53,110 registered nurses are currently employed.

Can a nurse refuse an assignment in Florida?

A nurse may refuse a work assignment. However, the refusal may be considered insubordination or abandonment. Therefore, a nurse should become familiar with the organization’s policies and procedures regrading refusal to accept an unsafe assignment.

What are the 4 choices every RN has when given an assignment?

Terms in this set (33)

  • accept.
  • refuse.
  • refuse and request peer review (if disciplined)(301.352)
  • accept and file safe harbor(303.005)

Can a nurse do stitches?

Advanced practice nurses, such as nurse practitioners or nurse-midwives, can suture in most states.

Can a nurse diagnose a patient?

Specifically, registered nurses can make a nursing diagnosis that identifies a condition—not a disease or disorder—as the cause of a client’s signs or symptoms. This diagnosis is a clinical judgment about the cause of a client’s mental or physical condition.

Can you be self employed as a registered nurse?

For nurses who love their work but risk burnout, the good news is that it’s possible to stay in the profession and work on your own terms.

Can an LPN insert a catheter?

LPN (licensed practical nurse) Performs routine procedures (ostomy care, catheter insertion, wound care, check blood glucose, obtaining EKG etc.)

Can an LPN draw blood from a central line?

Can you draw blood on the same arm as a PICC line?

Q: In a patient with an IV catheter, you may draw from the same arm that has the IV catheter if . . . You may only draw above the IV. You can draw below the IV with a tourniquet between the IV site and the draw site….

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