Can I borrow money from OWWA?

Can I borrow money from OWWA?

Is there an OWWA Personal Loan available? Currently, OWWA does NOT offer any personal loans. It offers only business loans (e.g. OFW -Enterprise Development and HEROES Loan Program), which focus on developing enterprises.

How can I get OFW loan in the Philippines?


  1. Visit the nearest OWWA Office and undergo orientation/eligibility screening and processing/necessary training.
  2. Secure the required OWWA certification for submission to LANDBANK.

Can OFW borrow money from Philippines?

One of the top OFW loan assistance for such purposes is the SSS Salary Loan with a low 10% annual interest rate. You can borrow an amount equivalent to the average monthly salary or twice the amount, payable in 24 monthly amortizations. OFWs can avail of this salary loan through the SSS website.

How can I avail OWWA financial assistance 2020?

To apply for the cash assistance program, on-site OFWs must visit the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in their host country. Meanwhile, repatriated OFWS and Balik Manggagawa must apply at OWWA Regional Welfare Offices (RWOs).

How can I avail OWWA cash assistance?

On-site OFWs must go to their host country’s Philippine Overseas Labor Office. OFWs and Balik Manggagawa who have been repatriated must apply at an OWWA Regional Welfare Office (RWOs). POLOs and OWWA, as well as DOLE offices, will post specific details about the OFW cash assistance program.

Can OFW apply for SSS loan?

OFW member is qualified to borrow if he meets the following eligibility requirements: Member is a certified Overseas Filipino Worker; Member is a voluntary OFW member of SSS; Member has at least 36 months contribution and 24 continuous contributions in the period prior to application.

Can OFW apply a personal loan in BPI?

The bank also offers a BPI personal loan package to meet a variety of purposes, and potential borrowers can apply online, including our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

What is an OFW loan?

A loan for employees working outside the Philippines In the current economic situation, the contribution of Filipino employees, working abroad (OFW – Overseas Filipino Workers), is huge for the country.

How much is OWWA cash assistance?

DOLE-OWWA AKAP covers pending and new applications for financial assistance of Php 10,000.00 for each of displaced OFWs who temporarily or permanently lost overseas employment upon the declaration of COVID-19 outbreak in the Philippines on February 2020 until its lifting by a legitimate and competent agency.

How do I get DOLE AKAP cash assistance?


  1. Photocopy of passport.
  2. Copy of airline ticket.
  3. the boarding pass or arrival stamp in the Philippines.
  4. valid OEC certificate.
  5. active contract or visa.
  6. proof of active work contract.
  7. or proof of loss of employment (if no termination letter, summary letter with cause of loss of employment due to COVID-19.

How do I get DOLE-AKAP cash assistance?

How do I apply for a salary loan for OFW?

OFW members may file for a salary loan application at the SSS Representative Offices in selected countries….download and fill-out a Member Loan Application form.

  1. download and fill-out a Member Loan Application form.
  2. must present his/her SS ID.
  3. prepare two valid identifications (ID).

What is the benefits of OWWA member?

All registered members of can avail the many OWWA services that range from health care, disability and death benefits, scholarships and financial assistance for education and training, workers assistance and on-site services, and social services and family welfare assistance .

Can OFW apply for CIMB loan?

To qualify for the CIMB Personal Loan, you must meet the following criteria: 21 years old and above but not older than 65 years upon loan maturity. Filipino citizen. Must have a gross monthly income of ₱15,000.

How can I apply for OWWA cash assistance?

Go to in your browser and fill out all of the appropriate details before pressing the “NEXT” button; Use the required button to upload the following requirements: A photocopy of your passport or other travel documents.

How can I check OWWA cash assistance?

Filipinos who have applied for the DOLE-AKAP financial assistance can easily check the status of their application by going to the official website online at

How do I apply for DOLE-AKAP OFW?

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