Can Jira generate release notes?

Can Jira generate release notes?

Jira provides the functionality to create release notes for a specific version of a project. The release notes contain all issues within the specified project that are marked with a specific “Fix For” version. The release notes can also be generated in a number of formats (e.g. HTML, plain text, etc.)

How do I manage release notes in Jira?

Create release notes

  1. Go to your project and click Project settings.
  2. Select Versions in the project sidebar.
  3. Select the Version whose release notes you wish to generate.
  4. Click Release Notes.
  5. Select the layout and the issue types.
  6. Click Regenerate notes to create or reset the release notes.

How do I create a release plan in Jira?

To create a project release:

  1. In the releases view of the plan, go to the project for which you want to create a release.
  2. Click Create release next to the project name.
  3. Give the new release a name.
  4. Add a description for the new release.
  5. For the start date, choose from one of the following options, and then set the date:

What is the latest version of Jira Service Desk?

Jira Service Desk 4.0
Jira Service Desk 4.0 This is our latest platform release, built for performance and scale!

How do you make release notes?

How to Write Release Notes? Follow these steps:

  1. Add title. Add the title of the new release.
  2. Include company/product details.
  3. Mention Credentials for The Release Version.
  4. Add the Schedule.
  5. Include New Feature Details.
  6. Explain Issues Fixed in the Product.
  7. Describe the Improvements Made.
  8. Include any Additional Resources.

How do you automate a release note?

How to automate your releases, versioning & release notes like a…

  1. bump your package. json version to the right semver version.
  2. create a github release.
  3. create a git tag.
  4. generate a changelog that includes the release notes.
  5. push the changes to your git repository.
  6. publish your package to npm.

What is the purpose of release notes?

A release note refers to the technical documentation produced and distributed alongside the launch of a new software product or a product update (e.g., recent changes, feature enhancements, or bug fixes). It very briefly describes a new product or succinctly details specific changes included in a product update.

How do I make a release plan?

7 Steps To Create a Successful Release Plan

  1. Define Your Goal.
  2. Review Product Backlogs.
  3. Estimate the Release Plan Meeting.
  4. Divide Releases into Multiple Sprints.
  5. Create Release Sprint.
  6. Schedule the target date for release.
  7. Improve & Update the Plan Regularly.

What is a release plan in Jira?

A single-project release only contains one project. A cross-project release combines multiple project releases into one plan so you can align dates, prioritize work, and monitor multiple projects at once. One key difference is that a single-project release can be saved in Jira Software as a fix version.

What is the difference between Jira and Jira Service Desk?

Jira Service Desk: It is designed specifically for end-users to submit tickets to a help desk team. Unlike JIRA, JIRA Service Desk requires licensing only to your agents. You can check out some introductory documentation here and our getting started guide here.

How do I release in Jira?

Release your version in Jira Software

  1. Go to the project that your version is in, and then click Releases > your desired version.
  2. On the release page for your version, click the Release button. The release dialog will be displayed.
  3. Enter the details for the release, then click the Release button.

What is included in release notes?

Who should create release notes?

At one and two-person startups, the lead developer will be in charge of writing release notes. At medium-sized companies, this might be a product manager. While at large companies, release notes might be collaboratively handled by multiple product managers and the head of product or chief product officer.

How do you release notes?

5 tips for writing release notes

  1. Include the release title name and body description.
  2. Cater the content towards the technical knowledge of your users.
  3. Add tags for clarity.
  4. Link the associate user idea submissions.
  5. Use a release notes tool to make them easy to publish and share.

Why do we need release notes?

What is the purpose of Release Notes? Release Notes are written to inform customers about changes to products, specifically adjustments likely to affect their experience, both major and minor. For example, the addition or removal of one or more features may be accompanied by release notes.

What should be included in release notes?

What Should Be Included in Release Notes?

  • Document name.
  • Product name.
  • Release number.
  • Date of Release.
  • Release note date.
  • Release note version.

Are release notes necessary?

In conclusion, writing release notes is an important part of the software development process. Release notes are a multi-faceted tool used across marketing, support, sales, and the team internally. Customers appreciate knowing what’s changed, been fixed, or been removed from your application.

What’s included in a release plan?

Release maps will vary slightly between organizations, but the general elements will include:

  • The proposed release(s) for the project.
  • Plans for each release.
  • Subsequent iterations for the release(s)
  • Plans for each iteration.
  • Feature development within an iteration.
  • Individual tasks necessary to deliver a feature.

How many sprints in a release?

Sprints are short iterations (two or three weeks long) in which required functionalities need to be developed and the next product increment should be ready at the end of the sprint. Product owners plan however larger versions, releases. They require more time and therefore release typically integrates 3-4 sprints.

How do you write a release plan?

Steps for a Successful Release Plan

  1. Define your Release Goal.
  2. Review and Prioritize Backlog Tasks.
  3. Estimate the Release.
  4. Determine the Number of Sprints.
  5. Create a Release Sprint.
  6. Identify a Target Date for the Release.
  7. Update the Release Plan Continuously.

What’s new in Jira service desk?

In our latest platform release, Jira Service Desk harnesses an upgraded engine that provides faster performance, increased productivity, and greater scalability. Dive in and discover all the goodies awaiting your service desk teams.

What are the release notes for Jira service management?

Jira Service Management release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for platform releases and feature releases.

Why is Jira service desk not compatible with MySQL Community Edition?

The binary installers for this version of Jira Service Desk are bundled with JRE 8u291, which prevents secure connections with MySQL Community Edition 5.7.27 or older over TLS versions 1 and 1.1. For more information, see Jira Service Management 4.18.x upgrade notes. Loading… Loading…

Does AdoptOpenJDK 8 support Jira service desk?

Oracle stopped providing public updates for Oracle JDK 8 in January 2019. This means that only Oracle customers with a paid subscription or support contract will be eligible for updates. In order to provide you with another option, we now support running Jira Service Desk 4.0 with AdoptOpenJDK 8.

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