How do I get help with my Microsoft Outlook account?

How do I get help with my Microsoft Outlook account?

To see self-help answers or to get support via email, use the Help button in at the top of your mailbox. Notes: Help is not available in mobile browsers, but you can contact support via Outlook for Android or Outlook for iOS apps.

How do I contact Microsoft Support NZ?

Send us a contact request, call us, or start an online chat session—your choice.

  • Chat with sales. Available Monday-Friday. 8:00AM to 6:00PM NZST. Chat now.
  • Call us. Available Monday-Friday. 8:00AM to 6:00PM NZST. Call 0508 526 917.
  • Request we contact you. Have a Dynamics 365 expert contact you.

How do I fix my Microsoft account email?

Choose Account Settings > Account Settings. On the Email tab, choose your account (profile), and then choose Repair. Note: The Repair option isn’t available if you’re using Outlook 2016 to connect to an Exchange account. Follow the prompts in the wizard, and when you’re done, restart Outlook.

How do I contact Outlook admin?

How to contact your admin

  1. Select the Subscriptions tab.
  2. Select the Contact my Admin button at the top right.
  3. Enter the message for your admin.
  4. If you’d like to receive a copy of the message sent to your admin, choose the Send me a copy checkbox.
  5. Finally, select Send.

Is there a phone number for Microsoft support?

(800) 642-7676Microsoft Corporation / Customer service

Why my Outlook email is not working?

Remove and re-add the email account on the Outlook app. Check for any pending updates for your device or for the Outlook app. Remove the Outlook app from your phone and re-download it from your phone’s app store to make sure that you have the most updated Outlook app. Restart your smartphone/device.

How do I fix Outlook problems?

How to Fix Common Outlook Problems

  1. Start Outlook In Safe-Mode.
  2. Run The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant.
  3. Run The Inbox Repair Tool.
  4. Repair Office.
  5. Remove Outlook From Your Startup Folder.
  6. Stop Performing a Send/Receive When Exiting Outlook.
  7. Update All Your Add-Ins.
  8. Try It On a Another Machine.

How do I report a problem with Outlook?

Contact support. If nothing else resolves your issue, go to the Microsoft Support page and under Contact Us, select Open Get Help App. On the App window, type in and press Enter. Select Contact Us in the lower left of the window.

How do I request Microsoft support?

Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center, choose Support > New service request.

How do I restart my Outlook email?

On the new screen that will appear, click “Task manager”. A new window will be displayed, showing a list of programs that are running on your computer, right-click on Outlook, and select “End task” from the drop list. Outlook will close. Go and restart outlook.

Why is my Outlook not connecting to the server?

If any third-party extensions or add-ons are interfering with your Outlook, it may trigger the “Outlook cannot connect to server issue” on your device. To resolve this issue, you can try disabling the plugins to check if it fixes the issue. Launch Outlook and head on to File> Options> Add-ins.

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