How do I submit a music blog?

How do I submit a music blog?

Below is a step-by-step process you can use.

  1. Find Blogs.
  2. Make a List.
  3. Write an Email Template.
  4. SubmitHub.
  5. Work with a Public Relations Professional.
  6. Make Sure Your Music Is Actually Ready.
  7. Submit Music Before It’s Released (or Within a Month After)
  8. Follow the Submission Guidelines.

How do I find music blogs?

To find blogs that are likely to review your music, all you have to do is browse the feed for relevant music. Then, simply take note of the blog that the music came from, visit the blog’s website, and search for a music submission page. Hype Machine also has a ‘By Genre’ filter you can use to narrow down your searches!

Where can I submit music articles?

Here are just a few of many that our roster has seen great success with and how you can submit your music for coverage.

  • Pigeons and Planes.
  • Clash.
  • The Line of Best Fit.
  • Atwood magazine.
  • Buzzbands.LA.
  • Wonderland.
  • HighSnobiety.
  • The Quietus.

Do music blogs make money?

YES, you can definitely make money from your music blog. However, how much money you make from your music blog depends on how frequently you post/update content, the quality of your content (and website), the amount of years it’s been consistently generating LOTS of traffic and several other factors.

What music blogs should I submit to?

Best Music Blogs To Submit Your Music

  • Cougar Microbes. Cougar Microbes is a London-based music blog that writes about both British and global music artists and new releases.
  • Indie Shuffle.
  • Stoney Roads.
  • Skope Mag.
  • Sidekick Music.
  • Thissongissick.
  • The FADER.

Are music blogs still relevant?

There are billions of people out there who don’t just care about listening to good music, but want to connect deeper and know more about their favorite artists and frankly speaking, music blogs facilitate that and even caters to audiences with thrilling stories that frequently aren’t present on social media.

Who should I send my songs to?

Now that you know how to submit your track, let’s go over where to submit your track to.

  • 13 Places Where You Can Submit Your Music.
  • Blogs.
  • Hype Machine Blogs.
  • Spotify Playlist Submission Forms.
  • Playlist Curators.
  • Labels.
  • A&R.
  • SubmitHub.

Do Pitchfork writers get paid?

Pitchfork is a well-regarded music criticism publication with a slightly academic voice. They reportedly pay $100 for a profile or interview, $80 for criticism, review, or arts/entertainment coverage, $100 for a news story.

What are the music blog called?

Billboard. Billboard – The Blog counterpart for the print Billboard Magazine,, now serves as a very popular news source for all Top 40 music news. Billboard is unique in that is reports on the charts and the latest trends in music, showing new artists what is popular and charting at the moment.

How can I promote my music for free?

We take a look to help you hit the right note!

  1. Start your music promotion with a website.
  2. Get discovered on Spotify.
  3. Post your tracks on Reddit Music.
  4. Try music-related hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.
  5. Upload your videos on YouTube.
  6. Spike on
  7. Create buzz on TikTok.
  8. Share your music on Soundcloud.

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