How hot is Turkey in April and May?

How hot is Turkey in April and May?

Turkey annual weather

Month Temperatures Dry Days
March 53° / 44° 15
April 59° / 50° 16
May 69° / 59° 17
June 78° / 68° 19

How warm is it in Turkey in April?

April is spring in Turkey and the weather is warm, but not hot, in much of the country: Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, and Konya see average monthly temperatures of around 60-62°F (16-17°C), while Antalya and Cappadocia are a few degrees warmer, at 68-69°F (19-20°C).

How hot is it in Turkey in May?

around 68-69°F
Temperatures are warm-to-hot throughout Turkey in May, and average rainfall low. Popular places like Istanbul and Cappadocia see average temperatures of around 68-69°F (20-21°C), while Antalya, Bodrum, and Pamukkale are even warmer at around 77°F (25°C).

How hot is Marmaris at the end of April?

The average high in Marmaris is 21ºC in April, so it’s lovely for relaxing on the beach. You should bring some warmer clothes with you for the evenings though as it can get quite cool at night. The sea temperature is 17ºC, while humidity’s low.

Is it warm enough to sunbathe in Turkey in April?

April marks the start of the tourist season in Turkey, though the weather can still be a bit unreliable. As a rule, you need to head south for the warmest and driest weather. The locals may still be wearing winter coats, but it’s warm enough to eat outside and enjoy a bit of sunbathing.

Is it worth going to Turkey in April?

The temperatures in these spring months are moderate, making this an ideal time to visit the many ancient ruined sites dotted around the country. April is also peak tulip season, and the parks and gardens of Istanbul are bursting with colour; although it can be rainy during April too.

What is the best month to visit Turkey?

The best time to visit Turkey is between April and May and September and October. The weather in Turkey is rather mild during these months, so you will be able to explore the cities, and the outdoor ruins without worrying about the heat. This is shoulder season, so there will be fewer crowds.

Can you sunbathe in Turkey in April?

Can you sunbathe in Marmaris in April?

i was in Icmeler last april, going to marmaris this april. the weather was lovely last year, got myself a nice tan. plenty of bars were open, some were not, but still a good choice.

Which part of Turkey is the hottest in April?

Hottest places in Turkey in April

  • London. Average temperature in April: 13ºC.
  • Istanbul. Average temperature in April: 17ºC.
  • Antalya. Average temperature in April: 22ºC.
  • Bodrum. Average temperature in April: 21ºC.
  • Izmir. Average temperature in April: 21ºC.
  • Marmaris. Average temperature in April: 21ºC.
  • Kas & Kalkan.
  • Cappadocia.

Can you tan in Turkey in May?

Yes, you can sunbathe in May for sure, many times it is even possible in April, only the sea water will be still cold!

Can I sunbathe in Turkey in April?

Is Turkey too cold in April?

Turkey’s weather in April is still quite cold in most regions of the country. However, there are generally great holiday deals to Turkey at this time of year as the summer period has yet to start.

Is Turkey a good place to visit in April?

April, May, September and October are pleasantly warm, with temperatures of 20°C to 30°C, so are typically the best times to visit Turkey’s grand array of ancient sites. The summer months (June through to September) are very hot, with temperatures reaching the mid-thirties on the south coast.

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