How long did Pippin run on Broadway?

How long did Pippin run on Broadway?

His most recognizable role, however, is that of Charles in Pippin, a part he performed for the entirety of the show’s six-year Broadway run.

Is Pippin appropriate for all ages?

Pippin is officially recommended for children age 8 and older, though I’d personally suggest a bit older (10 and up). The show runs 2 hours and 35 minutes with one 20-minute intermission.

What type of musical is Pippin?

Today’s audiences may be inclined to view Pippin as a period piece. In the day of its creation, the music and lyrics typified the “tres hip” genre known as the rock musical.

Does Pippin have an intermission?

Though Pippin is written to be performed in one act and its single-arc structure does not easily accommodate an intermission, many performances are broken into two acts.

Which Musical currently holds the record for the longest running Musical of all time?

The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera The longest-running show in Broadway history officially opened on January 26, 1988 and is still playing at the Majestic The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical won 7 1988 Tony Awards® including Best Musical.

Is Pippin a good musical?

There are some moments of relief among the songs, but as a musical event Pippin is much less forgivable now than it was in 1972. As a visual experience, a night of fun and just the return of musical theatre, however, it could not be recommended more highly.

Is Pippin a play within a play?

Pippin is a play within a play. The story is told by a traveling troupe of actors, acrobats and clowns (called “Players”), directed by the mysterious Leading Player. Like a circus or vaudeville act, the Players both act out the roles of the story and speak directly to the audience.

Is Pippin a dark musical?

“Pippin is a really dark play,” says director Claire Edmonds. “It’s full of boisterous music, bright colors, and delightful characters, and more often than not it’s watered down to accommodate young performers and young audiences—but the result of that dilution is confusing.

Which musical only ran for 9 performances?

Take the 1986 show Rags. It ran for 18 Previews and 4 Performances but was nominated for a Tony for Best Musical. The Lieutenant ran for 7 Previews and 9 Performances in 1975 and was also nominated for a Tony for Best Musical.

What is the longest running Off Broadway show?

The show’s original off-Broadway production ran a total of 42 years (until 2002) and 17,162 performances, making it the world’s longest-running musical. The musical was produced by Lore Noto….

The Fantasticks
Basis Les Romanesques by Edmond Rostand

Is Pippin a dance heavy show?

DANCE+VOCAL Heavily featured throughout. Ensemble “Players” play many other roles; they represent the influences and voices in Pippin’s head. Includes substantial and difficult choreography. Gender: Male or Female // Eligible Age: 13+ Dance: Required.

What should I sing for Pippin audition?


  • “I’m Still Here” – Follies Music➝
  • “Rookie in the Ring” – My Favorite Year Music➝
  • “Say Yes” – 70, Girls, 70 Music➝
  • “We Can Make It” – The Rink Music➝
  • “Disneyland” – Smile Music➝
  • “Lion Tamer” – The Magic Show Music➝
  • “Nothing Really Happened” – Is There Life After High School?

What was the shortest running Broadway show?


No. Title Opening date
1. A Broadway Musical December 21, 1978
1. A Teaspoon Every Four Hours June 14, 1969
1. Billy March 22, 1969
1. Blood Red Roses March 22, 1970

What is the longest running Broadway play ever?

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