How long does Woodward camp last?

How long does Woodward camp last?

5 days
THE BASICS With 5 days of continuous camp fun, and no overnights to worry about , each day campers get the chance to try an activity outside of their core sport with afternoon open sessions — your skater may just end up digging mountain biking by the end of camp, too.

Is there an age limit for Camp Woodward?

How old do you have to be to attend Woodward Residential Camp? The majority of our campers are between the ages of 7 and 17. We offer Adult Camp for anyone 18+ during select weeks of the summer. Ski & Snowboard camp weeks 1-3 are open to adults in 2019.

How much is a week at Camp Woodward?

Are the Camp Woodward sessions worth the price? Camp Woodward rates have jumped up to about $1,300 a week (without airfare and travel expenses).

Can you go to Woodward as a beginner?

Whether you are a beginner or a high-level competitive gymnast, our gymnastics camp is perfect for you!

Can you go to Woodward Skatepark for a day?

The Woodward 10-Pack 10 Go Time Sessions just for you — inside access for 2-hours.

What do you need for Woodward?

So … You’re Packing for Camp Woodward

  • Involve the camper in packing.
  • Use a lockable trunk.
  • Label, label, label.
  • Use 2.5 quart ziplock bags.
  • Two-in-one body wash/shampoo.
  • Snack attack.
  • Extra shoe laces.
  • Old-school games.

Can you scooter at Camp Woodward?

Drop into a Woodward Scooter Camp to ride with pros and the biggest crew of young riders in the world.

Who owns Camp Woodward?

Gary Ream
Gary Ream is the Founder and President of Camp Woodward.

Is Woodward a good camp?

From a mom point of view – I would highly recommend Woodward if your child is into any of the programs they have to offer. I thought the facility was in great shape, well run and the staff and counselors were helpful and friendly. The vibe at Woodward was really impressive to me.

Who owns Woodward Skatepark?

Gary Ream is president and partner in Sports Management Group, Inc., owner of Woodward Camp, Woodward West, and Lake Owen action sports and gymnastics summer camps. Ream has been integral in advancing the popularity of skateboarding, BMX, and inline skating.

Does Camp Woodward have WIFI?

Cell phone policy: Cell phones are optional and Wi-Fi is available throughout Woodward Camp. Woodward is not responsible for lost phones. AT service works best. Campers are not allowed to have their cell phone during mandatory instruction times and after lights out.

How big is the Mini Mega at Woodward PA?

18 foot quarter
With three different sized gaps and a monstrous 18 foot quarter this is simply a ramp that defines the progression of action sports.

Who built Woodward Skatepark?

The park is designed by BMX legend and Woodward Director of Design, Nate Wessel, who has been building parks for 25 years at Woodward and beyond, as well as for premiere events such as the X Games. “I first stepped foot on Woodward PA 30 years ago.

Who invented Woodward?

was founded in 1870 in Loves Park, IL as the Woodward Governor Company after Amos Woodward invented and patented a better, faster, more efficient water wheel governor. Thirty years later, the company expanded when his son, Elmer, patented the first successful mechanical compensating governor for hydraulic turbines.

Who is on Woodward season 11?

Camp Woodward – Sn 11, Ep 1 Meet Nobi Villalobos, Mia Lovell, and Kristion Jordan and learn how they got into skating and how they got invited to be on the show.

What state is Camp Woodward in?

PennsylvaniaWoodward / State

Do you need knee pads for Woodward?

Helmet is mandatory. Knee and elbow pads are recommended. (Wheeled equipment is provided). Please note: Skateboard, BMX bike, inline skates and/or scooter with safety gear can be brought to use in your free time.

How many skateparks are at Woodward?

24 skateparks
Facilities. Woodward is home to 24 skateparks. Our facilities are designed with safe progression in mind.

How tall is the Woodward mega ramp?

That mind-set helps on the Mega Ramp, where skaters reach speeds of up to 55 miles an hour and soar like stuntmen. Approximately 360 feet long, the ramp is 75 feet high at its apex.

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