How long is the walk around brockholes?

How long is the walk around brockholes?

According to users from, the best place to hike in Brockholes Nature Reserve is Brockholes Reserve Trail which has a 4.9 star rating from 111 reviews. This trail is 2.3 mi long with an elevation gain of 170 ft. It takes an average of 50 min to hike.

Where is Brockholes Nature Reserve entrance?

From M6 North Bound: Just before the traffic lights, take the FIRST exit signed “Brockholes Nature Reserve” heading north over the river (adjacent to the off-ramp slip road). Follow this road left, round doubling back and under the slip road bridge to the site entrance.

Who owns Brockholes Nature Reserve?

the Lancashire Wildlife Trust
Brockholes is owned and managed by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Can you cycle at brockholes?

Enjoy the Guild Wheel and Brockholes The Guild Wheel runs right through the centre of Brockholes, with No 1 Pit to the west and Meadow Lake to the East, meaning you’ll get the chance to enjoy beautiful, natural surroundings and getting up close with wildlife whilst cycling.

How much is it to visit brockholes?

There is no entry fee at Brockholes but we do operate car parking charges.

Are dogs allowed at brockholes Preston?

Brockholes is a dog-free zone This is an oasis where all kinds of people, covering all kinds of ages, can get closer to our native creatures.

Do you have to pay to go to brockholes?

There is no entry fee at Brockholes but we do operate car parking charges. All profits from this are reinvested into the reserve, so when you pay you are helping to look after our reserve and the wildlife that calls it home!

When was brockholes built?

Brockholes is owned and managed by the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester & North Merseyside and has hosted over one million visitors since we opened in April 2011.

How long does it take to walk the Guild Wheel?

Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 3 h 44 min to complete. This trail is great for road biking and walking. The Preston Guild Wheel is a 21 mile walking and cycling route around Preston.

How long does the Guild Wheel take?

a good 2.5 hour cycle.

Do you have to pay to get into Brockholes?

Does Brockholes have toilets?

The opening of the Visitor Village will include the Kestrel Kitchen with a take away food option, and the toilets.

Are dogs allowed at Mere Sands Wood?

– Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve.

How much is Brockholes Nature Reserve?

What is brockholes famous for?

It houses shops, an exhibition area, an activity room for schools and community groups, a restaurant and a conference centre. It has won national recognition, receiving: the special award for sustainability in the 2012 Civic Trust Awards. the “Commercial & Public Access” category in the 2011 Wood Awards.

How many people live in brockholes?

Brockholes is a small village in West Yorkshire, England, in the administrative area of Kirklees Metropolitan Council and Holme Valley Parish Council….

Population 1,861
OS grid reference SE153111
• London 160 mi (260 km) SSE
Metropolitan borough Kirklees

Is the Guild Wheel well signposted?

Great to walk too, we regularly walk sections of it. Well signposted, I would recommend cycling it clockwise to avoid pushing up the steep hill in Brockholes wood.

How many miles is the Guild Wheel?

21 mile
The Guild Wheel is a 21 mile circular route that can be ridden or walked in any direction for as far as you want. You can join the route at any point on the way. The route is mainly off-road and traffic free, providing a scenic and safe cycling and walking route for all the family to use.

Is the Guild Wheel hard?

Completed the 36 kilometres of the Guild Wheel. Highly recommend. The route is not hard with only a few small hill climbs and only a small amount of riding along the roads. Mostly flat and smooth ride.

Can dogs go to Brockholes?

Brockholes is a dog-free zone Dogs are welcomed on many of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s reserves but our sites are fragile environments that need to be protected against disturbance by dogs and man. At Brockholes wildlife has flourished since we opened because this is a sensitive habitat for our native creatures.

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